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Erasmus Experience in Naples, Italy by Jorge

Why did you choose to go to Naples, Italy?

It was recommended to me.

Erasmus Experience in Naples, Italy by Jorge


How long did your grant last? How much did you receive in financial aid?

7 months. I received €2100 in two instalments (80%).

What is student life like in Naples?

There is a lot of Erasmus life there. It's incredible.

Would you recommend the city of Naples and its university to other students?

Definitely, they should not hesitate to go there.


How was the local food?

Amazing. Delicious, cheap and there is plenty of it.

Did it take you long to find acommodation in Naples?

It was quite simple, in 3 days we found something.

How much does it cost to live in Naples?

Around €300 per month.


How did you deal with the language? Did you go to any courses at the university?

Italian is similar to Spanish, so, it was simple for me.

What is the most affordable way to get to Naples from your city?

Fly to Rome and from there take the bus or train.


Where would you recommend to go to for a night out in Naples?

There is always a good atmosphere in the centre of the city.

And to eat in Naples? What were your favourite places?

I loved Antica Cucina Napoletana and the Pizzeria Sorbillo.

Where should you go for culture?

I recommend the Piazza Plebiscito, the Piazza Dante, the Piazza del Gesù and the Castel Nuovo, etc.

Erasmus Experience in Naples, Italy by Jorge


Do you have any advice for future students in Naples?

You will not regret your time there, enjoy yourself and you will gain a lot from it!

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