Save Money in London - Tips for Living in London on a Student Budget

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As a student, it’s always important to try and save money wherever you go and although it may seem impossible, there are definitely some tips and tricks available to help you save money in London.

University Freshers’ Fair

If you’re attending university in London, make sure you go to your university’s freshers’ fair. Not only will you be able to sign up to all sorts of societies here but you’ll also be able to get some good student offers for bars, restaurants, shops and more!

NUS card/Student Discounts

A lot of places in London will provide a student discount if you have a valid student ID (so make sure you always ask!). However, there is also a nifty little card called an NUS card which you can buy for £12 (for a year’s subscription). The NUS card offers discounts on things like eating out, entertainment, supermarkets and uni essentials amongst other things. Check out their website here to see what deals you could be getting!


The Tastecard is really useful for saving money when it comes to eating out; with the card, you’ll be able to receive 50% off food as well as 2 for 1 meals in thousands of restaurants up and down the country, and the card couldn’t be easier to use!

You can either buy a monthly membership for £4.99 a month with the first month being free or an annual membership for £39.99 with the first month free and a physical copy of the card. If you decide to go for the monthly membership, all you have to do is download the free app (which includes great features such as nearby participating restaurants) and then log-in or activate your account to start using your discount.

To redeem your discount, you need to find a restaurant you want to go to, make a booking (if necessary) and mention you have a Tastecard, then show your card at the restaurant to get your 50% off or 2 for 1 meal.

You can sign up here.

National Rail Railcard

For those aged between 16-25, for mature students who are 26 or over and for the disabled, there are railcards which cost between £20-30 and will last a year. The cards will get you a third off standard anytime, off-peak, standard advanced and first-class advanced fares on trains across England.

Please check the section “Public Transport in London” for more details on the railcards and travel discounts.

The London Pass

The London pass really is a worthwhile card, with free entrance into over 60 of the main attractions in London, a free pass to one day on the tourist bus and queue jump into the attractions, there is no reason you wouldn’t want this card.

You can buy a 1, 2, 3, 6 or 10-day pass (if you buy more than a 1-day pass, you have to use the card each consecutive day) - the one-day pass costs £62 and a 10-day pass costs £169 and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You have a year to activate your card (it’s activated from the first time you use it at one of the attractions) so why not purchase it in advance and use the guidebook or app to plan what you want to do?

You can pick up your card from the collection desk in Central London or download it to your phone for free!

Street food instead of Restaurants

London has street-food stalls in abundance, so quit paying restaurant prices whilst you’re out, and go and enjoy international cuisine in the streets of the bustling, metropolitan capital city! All you need to do is search for street-food markets in London on Google, and you’ll be able to pick from all sorts of areas and cuisine.

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