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Surrounded by mountains

Published by Eg Huu — 5 years ago

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Pretty small city (especially for a capital) with not so much entertainment, including that stores close at 8 p. m. at the latest. Interestingly, young people find the way to party hard and still be successful in studies (can get jealous easily). Most of them also know English so there is no problem in communication. However, in some public sectors there are people who don't use or know English (can be quite a surprise if in your own country the first rule is to know at least English and most likely also some other language). One of the best things definitely is the nature (incredible mountains, extensively blue water, villages) and prices that are quite friendly. The weather is highly changeable. Summers tend to be hot (+30 as min. ).

Despite the country never has been a part of Soviet Union, somehow you can get the feeling that it was. Maybe due to the fact that it was part of Yugoslavia (1918-1992) with some communist government, socialism, partisans and everything else...

Yet it has much brighter future and state than ex-USSR countries and is always a good travel destination as well as for living. Not noticed high arrogance or feeling superior over non-natives. Seemed even interested in other cultures. Yet, not always their friendliness has the best intentions and suggestions.


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