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  • The Student Hotel

    I had a great experience in Liege, however, I want to tell you that the treatment from my residence made the experience not so interesting. I am writing in this blog, to warn you not to go to the Student House residence or in case you do, be careful because they will...

    0 by Erasmusu, in Where to sleep Liege, 2 years ago
  • A walk around the Parc de Cointe

    It is a park in the upper parts of Liège which offers a panoramic view of the city. It is a beautiful place to walk and, in the streets, which lead up to it, there are lovely façades to look at. Source

    0 by Ben, in What to see Liege, 2 years ago
  • The trails of the hillsides of the citadel

    If you want to breathe the air of the countryside without going too far, I advise you to follow the footpaths of the slopes of the citadel . There are many different paths. Personally, I left the rue Pierreuse (with its beautiful facades) to take a small pathway on the...

    0 by Shavana, in What to see Liege, 4 years ago
  • The oblat Woods of Grivegné (Liège)

    It's while walking in Liège that you discover its beautiful hidden corners... Walking in Outremeuse (signposted) you see a hill and fell like climbing it... Towards Grivegné until St Lambert church. By the side of this church, a open gate, and behind, a wood in the...

    0 by Olivia, in What to see Liege, 5 years ago
  • "Le Carré"

    "Le Carré" (The Square) is a place where all Liege students go. It is composed of small and narrow streets which are clustered in the center, near the cathedral. The streets are full of bars of all types (some of them have nice decoration as "Far West", or a specific...

    0 by Pauline, in Erasmus party Liege, 5 years ago
  • "Maison du Peket" (Peket's house)

    "Maison du Peket" (Peket's house) is a cafe which propose to drink some speciality from Liège: The Peket! It's an alcoholic beverage produced in Liêge with different tastes. I recommend especially fruity Pekets for three euros. Very fresh and tasty. The building is an...

    0 by Pauline, in Erasmus party Liege, 5 years ago
  • Les caves de Cornillon

    'Les caves de Cornillon' is a function room available to rent for evening events. They host lots of different events, from new year's celebrations to faculty nights (biology, history, sciences etc. ), as well as electro and DJ nights etc. The place, made up of old...

    0 by Jamie, in Erasmus party Liege, 6 years ago
  • Liège

    With the festive season approaching, we say 'goodbye' to the Liege Fair and 'hello' to the Christmas market. The Liege Christmas market is more precisely a Christmas village. It is divided into several sections since there is a Christmas market on the cathedral's...

    0 by Michael, in What to see Liege, 6 years ago
  • Warzone

    If you love video games, music and beer this is the place for you. An amazing bar in the center where you can drink good beer and play videogames (free) listening good music (if you like rock music or metal is the perfect place). And all of these in an amazing...

    0 by Francesca, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Liege, 6 years ago
  • Pot au lait

    The Pot au Lait is a great bar in the center of Liege, a place with an unique and insane personality, colorful, an amazing meeting place, especially for the Erasmus. If you are in Liege you have to go. Here oy can find good music, sometimes live, and there is a vast...

    0 by Francesca, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Liege, 6 years ago
  • Parc de la Boverie

    If you're bored to tears on a Sunday afternoon and the sun's shining (hello every Sunday in summer... ) then I suggest that you take a visit to Parc de la Boverie. There, you can enjoy a picnic on the grass, geared up in your summer clothes (yes, us Belgians see the...

    0 by Hannah, in What to see Liege, 7 years ago
  • Gare de Liège-Guillemins

    The structure of the main railway station of Liege-Guillemins was designed by Santiago Calatrava, the famous spanish architect from Valencia (all Spanish Erasmus students in Liege mention that the architect of the train station is from Spain every time you talk to...

    0 by Barbara, in What to see Liege, 8 years ago
  • Belgium

    So last week I went with my friend, Giorgiana to visit another good friend, Laura, in Belgium. Laura is studying there for half a year, just like us in Poland, so we thought that this would be a good opportunity to see another country and, of course, our lovely friend...

    0 by Dănilă, in What to see Liege, 10 years ago
  • The Student Hotel

    Tired of smelly and old student rooms? Looking for accommodation in Liege an a community with international students from around the world? Then you should check out The Student Hotel. A new brand for fully furnished rooms and studios for Belgium and international...

    0 by Juan, in Where to sleep Liege, 11 years ago

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