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The Student Hotel

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Student House residence

Translated by María López Bernal — 5 months ago

Original text by Alejandro Combalia

I had a great experience in Liege, however, I want to tell you that the treatment from my residence made the experience not so interesting.

I am writing in this blog, to warn you not to go to the Student House residence or in case you do, be careful because they will take advantage of any opportunity to get money from you. In my case, due to paint damage, they kept the deposit, which is 1060€, and also claimed a 2,000 € paint charge from the insurance.

The number of meters painted does not exceed 5m. In conclusion that meant for me, a loss of 3,000€. The problem is that being a company in a foreign country, it makes it extremely difficult for a family to claim any injustice, and they are aware of this situation, that is why I have heard several stories similar to mine, speaking with former residents.

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