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  • "Le Carré"

    "Le Carré" (The Square) is a place where all Liege students go. It is composed of small and narrow streets which are clustered in the center, near the cathedral. The streets are full of bars of all types (some of them have nice decoration as "Far West", or a specific...

    0 by Pauline, 5 years ago
  • "Maison du Peket" (Peket's house)

    "Maison du Peket" (Peket's house) is a cafe which propose to drink some speciality from Liège: The Peket! It's an alcoholic beverage produced in Liêge with different tastes. I recommend especially fruity Pekets for three euros. Very fresh and tasty. The building is an...

    0 by Pauline, 5 years ago
  • Les caves de Cornillon

    'Les caves de Cornillon' is a function room available to rent for evening events. They host lots of different events, from new year's celebrations to faculty nights (biology, history, sciences etc. ), as well as electro and DJ nights etc. The place, made up of old...

    0 by Jamie, 5 years ago

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