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Erasmus in Leuven, Belgium

Published by Gaia Rosato — 3 years ago

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My erasmus experience in Leuven, Belgium, is so far the best choice I've made in my life.

I had never heard of it before, and I essentially choose it because of the university's program (one of the best in Europe). Leuven is the perfect student city, small and beautiful, with squares full of bars and dance pubs, not expensive clubs, as well as cozy restaurants and food places. Half of the Leuven populations is made of students, belgians and internationals, on their erasmus programmes or studying there for their bachelors or masters. Nightlife is crazy pretty much every week night! During the whole year there are many events going on, concerts, festivals and fairs (the Christmas markets are the best), and big parties, often organized by the university students associations.


The university is amazing, so well organized and all my professors were very passionate. KU Leuven also provides a great sport center for students at student prices and therefore a perfect place to meet people and have fun with new friends! There are perfect study places, like the Central Library in Ladeuzeplein and the university bar, Pangaea, that is also the best meet up place between classes and before night outs. Pangaea is more than a bar, it organizes trips, language classes and many events during the year, and I got to meet some of my best friends thank to that!


One of Belgium's perks is his position in Europe and its small dimension. I travelled a lot around the country, visiting the main cities like Gent, Antwerp and the touristic Bruges, as well as Brussels. Each city has its own peculiarities and they're equally beautiful. From Brussels I also left for Paris, Amsterdam and Luxembourg as they were so easy and cheap to reach!


I had the time of my life. I got to know so many people and made friends for life from anywhere in Europe. I discovered so many things about the world and about myself, and I grew up and changed so much in only 9 months. I highly recommend Leuven as an erasmus destination, it's just perfect and magical :)


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