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Working in Mercedes benz fashion week

Published by flag-sa Nour Abusalem — 4 years ago

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On March 27th, 2018 I've participated voluntarily to be one of the workers in Mercedes Benz fashion week Istanbul.

and so i do help in many different things at the backstage of runways such as organizing the clothes and helping the models with wearing their pieces.

it was so much of a mind-changing experience I saw real models on real life it opened my eyes to things like :

  • models mostly are not confident of themselves and that's because :

1.they're expected to be the most perfect looking people at all times no matter what.

2. they are expected to be in a specific weight number.

  •  Models or most of them are not as happy as they seem to be. just imagine yourself being exposed to everyone or to be totally controlled by someone else.

  •  i expected models to be so unfriendly and showing off but mostly they're the kindest people and the most lovely.( not all of them lol but the majority )

    besides the models seeing real fashion and not clothing is so overwhelming.

    dealing with different faces and personalities is so challenging in a good way.

    this experience added to me more love and excitements or my major, I can't wait to have my own runways.

    this week or 4 days of work add to me as a person and a future fashion designer so much.

 also, I am a huge huge fan of Mercedes Benz cars so this was a dream came true to be a worker under the name of Mercedes Benz.

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