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Customs and Traditions of Marriage in Turkey

Published by flag- Mahmud Amino — 2 years ago

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Customs and Traditions of Marriage in TurkeySource

Turkey is characterized by its adherence to some customs and traditions associated with marriage, and do not allow the breach of it by any reason, you have to abide by the rituals of the Turkish marriage. The many types and forms of marriage in Turkey are discussed in detail below.

In Turkey weddings extend for 40 days: the customs and traditions of marriage in Turkey are different from other countries. Weddings vary from one region to another in Turkey. For example, in Anatolia, weddings extend for only three days, and in the past 40 days.

Stages of marriage in Turkey

Marriage in Turkey goes through several stages and these stages are one of the most important customs and traditions of marriage in Turkey and cannot be disturbed. It must come from the groom when he goes with his family to ask the bride from her family, and he must bring with him the elders and the oldest person in his family, often going to the bride's sermon on Thursday and Sunday, it brings good luck as people of Turkey think.

In Turkey, the groom only pays a gold set and is not charged with paying any extra expenses, like the rest of the Arab countries.

Memorizing the Koran is the condition of the bride to complete the marriage. In Turkey, the bride often requires the groom to memorize a Surah from the Koran and considers it a dowry for her. Surah of the Koran.

The most famous customs and traditions of marriage in Turkey

Coffee with salt

It is customary of the customs and traditions of marriage in Turkey, that the bride adds more salt to the bridegroom's coffee, and he must bear the taste and drink it in full, and this is an expression of the extent of his love and appreciation for his bride. After a coffee with salt, which expresses the groom's willingness to endure whatever comes out of his future bride, the groom offers a simple gift to the bride like roses, and a simple ring is brought for the purpose of engagement. While women prefer to wear gold.

Customs and traditions of engagement in Turkey

Engagement is calm and not costly. It is enough to bring a simple ring for the bride and another ring for the groom and tie them with red straps. The mother of the bride breaks this bond, an expression of her move to a new life away from her father's house.

Customs and traditions of henna in Turkey

The henna of the Turks is the day immediately preceding the wedding, and the celebrations may last for forty days, but the day of henna occupies a special importance and prestige for the Turkish people, and through it is the celebration of the bride and chanting the songs deposited at the separation of her father's house, and large quantities of henna. To attend, especially friends and family, and are interested in decorating the bride with red henna, and the bride is keen to wear the red dress, which reflects the joy and happiness of the day of henna.

The groom will attend on the night of henna, and celebrate with his bride and remove the red scarf, the official colour of the henna night is red, and the celebration continues late at night and the groom comes at the end of the day to share his bride’s joy.

Customs and traditions of wedding night in Turkey

Customs and Traditions of Marriage in TurkeySource

This day is of great interest to everyone, family, relatives and friends, everyone is preparing for this day long before, the celebration starts from the early morning, and the groom goes to bring the bride from her father's house, and the bride's robe is not without red laces, and the groom decorates and takes his Turkish bath, and the same case for the bride.

One of the most famous customs and traditions of marriage in Turkey, the bride to look in the mirror before leaving the house of her father, and this shows that the road is paved for her, and that her marriage life will last long, and of course is distributed to the guests.

Turkish forms of marriage

Different types and forms of marriage in Turkey, according to different region, and culture of parents and degree of education determine the type and form of marriage, for example in less educated areas, traditional marriages abound, and this type depends on the so-called matchmaker, a woman who brings the bride to those who want to marry. The mother often plays such a big role, and she cares about the region's best girls for her son.

There is no doubt that the customs and traditions of the North differ from the South, and there are those who prefer to hold the wedding during the day, which is called modern marriage, while some insist on the stay during the night, and the bride is decorated with red bars that bring them luck as they think. And the bride receives the so-called point from family, relatives and friends.

If the level of education rises, the role of the matchmaker disappears and the bride is the decision-maker. Parents do not interfere in this, and do not impose on the groom a particular girl, as in traditional marriage where the first opinion is of the mother and father, but in modern marriage the decision is however on the brides, the ones who determine the date of the wedding.

Inbreeding: The most famous customs and traditions of marriage in Turkey

It is one of the most famous customs and traditions of marriage in Turkey, where there are frequent marriages of relatives in Turkey, and the girl is often engaged to her cousin from the moment of birth, and parents are the decision-makers, and the newlyweds have no right to object to the completion of the marriage when they are adult, once the birth is done. The marriage is completed once the girl reaches the age of eighteen.

Marriage to foreigners in Turkey

Marriage to foreigners is common in Turkey, and is one of the most troublesome types of marital problems and differences, because of different customs and traditions, the Turkish people are famous to adhere to their customs and traditions and will not allow the Turkish man to his foreign wife to break these customs or raise children differently from the way he used to, and often end. Foreign marriages divorce, and the displacement of children.

Widow marriage

The most prominent customs and traditions of marriage in Turkey. In Turkey, a woman is married to her brother-in-law, in the event of her husband's death.

Mutual marriage: The most prominent types of Turkish marriage

Through it, families marry their children to people from the same family, and the purpose is to reduce the cost of the wedding, and often do not get the parents dowry. Marriages are reciprocal so that the family gives her daughter to the family in return for taking her son.

Marriage ads

It is one of the most prominent customs and traditions of marriage in Turkey, and through which marriages are made through advertising, young man who wants to marry, express the specifications of the girl of his dreams and is announced to everyone and submit to the speech of those who meet these specifications, and there are offices dedicated to perform these tasks.

The most famous customs and traditions of marriage in Turkey

It is not possible to end the wedding night without taking hundreds of pictures of the newlyweds with relatives and friends. The couple are keen to take the most beautiful memorial photos of the places and attractions that characterize Turkey, and they prefer to take pictures accompanied by monuments such as: ancient archaeological areas such as a railway station or the like.

In Turkey one woman is not enough

Customs and Traditions of Marriage in TurkeySource

Turkey is famous for polygamy in rural areas where Turkish law prohibits polygamy, but in these remote areas men marry at least twice, and polygamy is frequent in areas with low educational level. Often the second marriage is due to childbearing, when the first wife cannot.

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    is one of the beautiful ancient cities with a rich, ancient and rich history as it was the capital of several successive empires and peoples whose rule began with the Roman Empire and then the Byzantine and Latin Empire ending with the Ottoman Empire. It also gained religious importance for Christians after the Byzantine Empire embraced the Christian religion and until 1924 AD it was the capital of the Islamic Caliphate Therefore, it is considered a city of prominent religious status and has its sanctity. It is worth noting that Istanbul is the only city in the world that extends over two continents, as it is bordered on the east by Anatolia or Asia and on the western side, where its natural harbor is the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus.

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