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Erasmus blog Ireland

  • Working as a Nursery School Teacher in Ireland.

    Hello again! Today marks 2 months since my arrival in Ireland (this year, of course) and I have to say that my third experience in the country has been very nice. Although we all have those bittersweet moments when we leave our little home... But it is easier to endure...

    0 by Chloe, 2 months ago
  • General things

    Ireland is a legendary and mystical island. It exerts a mysterious attraction on many people, including me. That's why I decided to do my work experience abroad, in Cork.My name is Anna-Sophie Diederich, I am 18 years old and would like to share my experiences with...

    0 by Anna-Sophie, 4 months ago
  • See the Cliffs of Moher !

    The Cliffs of Moher are located in County Clare, south County Galway. It is one of the major spots to visit near Galway! You won't be desappointed if you like either beautiful landscapes, walks in nature or more sensational activities! You can access the cliffs by car...

    0 by Estelle, 3 years ago
  • See Connemara !

    If you live in Galway and have the opportunity to take a tour bus or rent a car, Connemara is one of the nearest and most beautiful places to go. It is located in County Galway, less than 2 hours from Galway City. I would advise you to take your time when driving to...

    0 by Estelle, 3 years ago
  • 29 reasons why you should never visit Ireland

    1. Good ol' Ireland... Dunluce Castle Source 2. Well, let's get shitty Northern Ireland out of the way first. Giant causeway, Northern Ireland Source 3. Red sky at night... Cliff of moher Source 4. Ireland still looks like shite. Newgrange temple Source 5. That...

    1 by Guillermo, 4 years ago

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