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See the Cliffs of Moher !


The Cliffs of Moher are located in County Clare, south County Galway. It is one of the major spots to visit near Galway! You won't be desappointed if you like either beautiful landscapes, walks in nature or more sensational activities!


You can access the cliffs by car of with a tour bus in less than 2 hours. If you wanna take a bus from Galway, you can easily find a company online, here is the link to Galway Tour Company website, offering tours to many touristic places around Galway:

At your arrival, you have the visiting center and few shops available (coffe shops, giftshops, jewelry, woolen clothes, music). See the website for more details: Along the cliffs edge, you can visit the O'Brien's Tower. For a couple of euros, you can climb to the roof platform and have a view over the cliffs and the ocean, spectacular!


Then you can simply have a walk along the cliffs, stretching for 8km/5 miles! You can observe the landscape, the sea-gulls nesting against the wall of the cliffs, climb the little hills along the cliffs, and simply enjoy the powerful view of the strong ocean at your feet!

One thing you should plan before you go is checking the weather, and go there on a day when the wind and the rain aren't too heavy (wearing a raincoat), cause it's not pleasant to stand outside in these conditions, and it could even be dangerous! And of course, don't forget your camera (or smartphone)! Everyone there turns into a professionnal photographer! You can even see people meditating cross-legged, and people lying on the edge, with their heads above the abyss!

Either with family or friends, the Cliffs of Moher are a great typical place to see in Ireland!

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