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Erasmus experience in Innsbruck, Austria by Christine

Why did you choose to go to Innsbruck, Austria?

To learn German, discover Austria, a country of skiing... and in this context to go and see the world cup of skiing, discover new resorts, and see the mountains of Austria.


How long was your stay? What is the amount of aid that you received?

5 months. 800 euros regional scholarship and 800 euros Erasmus scholarship.

How was the student ambiance of Innsbruck?

Very dynamic, a lot of activities and parties.

Do you recommend the city and university of Innsbruck


How is the food in the country?

Mountaineer food: potatoes, meat ++

Knödel, Kässpätzle...

Did you have difficulty finding housing in Innsbruck?

Yes, you should do it 2 months in advance, and for student residences 5-6 months before.

Use the Facebook group Innsbruck Wohnungsmarkt and the Wohnungsbörse.

What is the cost of living in Innsbruck

A little bit more than France for food especially (but not for restaurants), but with a great grocer for buying organic and local. For the rest it's similar to France, except for the annual ski passes which are very advantages with the Freizeitticket Tirol and the Snowcard Tirol. Without these, the day passes are rather expensive.


The apartments are similar in price to France, and there are plenty of roommates, but the supply is less strong than the demand.

How was your experience learning the language? Did you have a language course organized by the University?

Language courses organized by the medical university twice a week, and I decided to speak German with the other Erasmus and not English. In short, everything that forces you to speak German forces the progress.

What is the most economic way to travel to Innsbruck from your city?


What are some places your recommend for partying in Innsbruck?

Treibhaus, Haltestelle.

And for eating in Innsbruck? What places are your favorite?


And what cultural sites do you recommend?

Hall in Tirol, Glockmayrmuseum, Salzburg.


What advice would you give future students in Innsbruck?

Enjoy the mountains.

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