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  • How COVID-19 Changed the Business Niche of Food Delivery in Trains

    The pandemic has hit the economy across the world and this has in turn changed the overall search landscape. Necessity being the mother of inventions, has pushed the human race to whole new level for living with the pandemic situation. As per reports from search giant...

    1 by Kahkashan, 21 days ago
  • indian breakfast

    What to eat for breakfast  (9 Best Healthy Breakfast Idea)  As such, breakfast is very important for us. In breakfast we should eat healthy food, we should eat 1/3 of our breakfast for the day. Lunch should be light so that we can do as much as you want. Because...

    0 by jiten, 3 months ago
  • Expenses to Travel Around Georgia

    If you are planning to travel to Georgia from the Middle East, then one major thing that must be doing rounds in your mind might be the expenses to travel around Georgia. Georgia is undoubtedly a very beautiful and charming tourist destination. However, the country...

    0 by Tony, one year ago
  • Top 5 Engineering Colleges in India

    Procedure to take admission In India, there are many entrance examinations to take admission in engineering institutes. Basically main entrance exams are conducted by AICTE such as IIT-JEE and AIEEE. Admission process and entry tests are taken across states and...

    0 by Moses, 2 years ago
  • May 7. Day 22 nd day of being away. 21st day on the road. .

    On this day, the 7 th of May 2015 is the 21st day of my journey. The final leg starts from here........ to Kochi. I rode with my fantastic riding partner Tenzing ( my bullet) through 13 states. Covered 6185km. My sincere thanks to all my friends for their great support...

    0 by Hussain, 2 years ago
  • India

    Hello friends today i would like to tell you about my motherland india. Most of the people still think that is a land of snakes and illiterate people. It is a country where terrorist kill people and not safe to travel. I is a country of thiefs but honesty saying all...

    0 by Mangat, 2 years ago
  • Pest Control - Assuring A Wholesome Ambiance

     pest control mayur vihar @ pest control services in mayur vihar There has been an escalating need intended for control regarding unwanted pests solutions, due to your consciousness amongst persons about cleanliness and also sanitation. These kind of services are...

    0 by Devil, 4 years ago

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