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Erasmus experience in Göttingen, Germany


Why did you choose to go to Göttingen, Germany?

Because I wanted to learn German, because I like small cities and I have been told good things about it (it is like Salamanca or Granada in Spain) and I didn't know anyone else going there, so it was like going on an adventure and to get to know new people.

How long is the scholarship? How much financial support do you receive?

The scholarship lasts 9 months and the amount you receive is around 300 euros/month, depending on the region you come from in Spain.

How is the student life in Göttingen?

Awesome! There’s a party every night and on some occasions they put on the parties at the University! People from Hamburg and Hanover would come to Göttingen for a night out!

Would you recommend the city and the University of Göttingen to other students?

Definitely, especially if you are studying Law or Business Administration...

How is the local food?

It is based on sausages, potatoes and pasta... But the university’s mensa offers normal every day menus with meat or fish, vegetarian menus, salad, soups or wok!

How did you find accommodation?

The university is the one that looks for it! You don’t have to worry about anything but sending the documents on time!


How are the prices for the accommodation? And the prices in general?

The prices for the accommodation are relatively low (no more than 200 euros at student residences and no more than 250 euros in shared apartments), and regarding life there... the only expensive thing there is the fruit, the fresh vegetables and the tinned tuna!

What about the language? Did you attend a language course at the university?

People try to help you understand them and the university itself offers free language courses for the whole year.

¿Which is the most economical way of getting to Göttingen from your home town?

Ryanair to Bremen and then by regional trains (free with the student card) to Göttingen.

Which places would you recommend to go out on party in Göttingen?

Eins B, Savoy, Thunner's, Sausalitos, Vertigo, Monroe's, La casa okupa (very good concerts), ZHG... there are many.

Could you recommend your favourite places to eat?

The Kebab! Europics is the best!


And what about cultural places to visit?

It’s not very big... you can visit everything in two days. The most beautiful things are the Old Town Hall, the old buildings of the University, the auditorium and the Promenade.

Any advice you want to give to future students in Göttingen?

Enjoy it as much as you can because Erasmus only lasts one year... unfortunately.

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