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Florence Design Academy 2017

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Hello everyone! I am planning to do my Masters in Interior Design next year in Florence Design Academy ! I wanted to know about the faculty , curriculum , teaching style and the cost of living for an year approximately and the admission procedure and any entrance tests or English language test is required or any kind of scholarships are available to apply.. :)

Even I'm in need of these answers plz any body can help out? What are the job opportunities after excelling the course?

What do you mean by mail not authenticated ? 

Btw, I got in touch with one past student.. she told me that even she didnt had to send her cv or portfolio.. she just got the admission there without any kind of entrance test or IELTS or Toefl... I dont know about the accredition!


yes it's accreditated. About the docs to send: what they  ask are your transcripts and copy of your documentation. It's written in the email that you get with the requirements. Hope I could help.

 check the email address of the sender with the one mentioned on the website

hi, I think I know what the problem was.

Since yesterday (or today) the FDA has a new email address and the one that they had used before is the old version. Probably you got the red question mark because the NEW email is now the official one.

On the homepage you can see it. I am sure that if you write them asking if the email that you had received was sent by them the answer will be YES.

  I would just send them an email asking. It doesn't cost you anything and I am pretty sure that you will get the confirmation that the emails were sent by them.

Hi Andy, did u do yua masters with FDA?

If so can u plz help regarding the reputation and placement opportunities regarding the course ? (Interior design masters)


I had a great experience and I loved the time and the people there. The educational experience was also great and very positive.  And Florence is such a gorgeous city. Great memories...

Thanks Andy, How is the job opportunities after the course , created by the FDA?

Oh K,............ I wil Try that.........Thank u.........

Hi Andy,

I Will be Graduating As an Architect in August 2016. We Had Interior Design as an Elective Subject Of only One Credit where we have been taught Just the Basics of Interior Design.

I did 1 Year Internship under a Local Architect which was part of my Curriculum and I dont have Any Job Experience.... 

So I wanted to ask, Is it Easy to Follow the Lectures in F.D.A.? Do they provide Study Materials Like Notes for Theories and All?

Can Help Me with this?............

Hi my name is Snehal Chavavn & i am from Mumbai, India as well. Even i applied for the Master course in Florence Design Academy and they have enrolled me. I am joining on Jan 2017. I have also paid the enrollment fees. i have done a lot of researched and i found its one of the best Acedemy in the world. one of my friend is stuyding over there & i asked her as well. So according to me, its a great academy to study in. About the cost of living i asked the academy about it, they told me 8000 Euro per year (includes everything) & the tuition fees 6850 Euro including enrollment fees. 390 Euro will go on rent as they said. They will also help us in renting house over there. we just need to go 10 days before the course starts. Hope this was helpful & i am also searching for accommodation & some friends to get along with. If you are joining then, i will see you there. :) Any query, feel free to contact me. 

i did my Diploma from Rachana Sansad. Mumbai, India. and i have been working for a year now in a well known company. 

Hi Snehal, I am also joinin in Jan in FDA in masters in interior design. Thanks a lot for the info about the cost of living. Have been trying to find this info. 

And about the accreditation, is it good. It certainly is shown as one of the top schools but they take people without CV or portfolio. How is that?

One of the requested requirements is to send the transcripts of your studies which proofs your skills. Just read it in the email that you get. It includes all the details you need to know. And yes for the accreditation.


hii Varsha, yes they din ask me for any portfolio or CV & i really dont have any idea about that, i had sent them all my documents 10th, 12th, Degree, interior diploma certificates. so i guess they select people on that bases, may be thats what their system is. I am really glad to hear that you are joining FDA in Jan. would love to get along. :)

I confirm. A portfolio you can easily get from the internet. The transcripts are official documents and you can't just copy them. That's why the transcripts have an official value ;-)

Andy, i agree on that & i guess certificate matters more. but i am very much sure that its a great Academy. 

Hello everyone,

My brother has signed up for the 1 year course in interior design at the Florence design academy. He got accepted to it and is looking forward to start this September. 

Does anyone have any reviews on the course? I have checked online and the university cam up as one of the top universities for Interior Design. However I wanted to know how good the prospects of getting work are if one completes the 1 year course.

Is it something that is recognised well in the industry? What are the practical skillsets that would be developed if one were to do this course?

My brother is pretty excited to do this course but i`m a little skeptical as it was a little easy to get into it. All they asked for is the college transcripts.

Could anyone shed some light on this please? 

Any advice / information would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Andy and Snehal, Thank you so much for the responses. Helped actually. 

Hi Snehal, Glad to hear that you are joining too. Do be in touch.

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