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Experience in Enschede, Netherlands by Maria

Published by Maria Ovcharova — 16 days ago

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What is it like to live in Enschede? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

The city is quiet and not very big so you have everything you need nearby. There are a lot of students there, which is cool. However, due to its size there aren't that many things to do if you don't have classes or work so it can get boring very quickly.

What is the student lifestyle like in Enschede?

There are many students so during the school year there are all sorts of parties and events for students. It's always good to join a study association and make connections there, this way you meet more people and have access to more activities.

How much does it cost to live in Enschede?

It's relatively cheap for a Dutch city. Rent varies from 300 to 450 euros a month and around 300 euros should be sufficient for groceries and other things. Going out and eating out is expensive though.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Enschede? Is there any advice you can give?

It can be difficult. The best way to find rooms is through the Facebook groups of Saxion and the University of Twente. Make sure you have found a room a few months before you move in.

What is the food like? What are your favourite dishes?

The food is not very delicious. Dutch people mainly eat pasta, meat and potatoes and occasionally soups. The stores sell everything you need though, from Asian to Mexican cuisine, so if you like cooking, you can always make something good.

What places would you recommend visiting in Enschede?

There are several parks in the city that are worth visiting. The campus of the University of Twente is also really nice as it's on the outskirts of the city. Oude markt is the square with all the pubs and restaurants and on van Heekplein you can find a lot of stores for shopping.

Is it good to eat out in Enschede? Can you tell us your favourite spots?

Yes, the city has some really nice restaurants and cafés. My favorites are Novi, De Kater and Punto Pasta.

Is the nightlife good in Enschede? Where is good to go?

The nightlife is not very dynamic, the days on which people usually go out are Wednesday to Saturday. There are a few bars you can go to - Aspen, Friends, Paddy's and some more. The first two are usually the most crowded on Friday and Saturday.

What advice would you give future students heading to Enschede?

Definitely join a study association or an Erasmus club so you can meet more students and hang out with them. Most people are really nice and friendly. Be aware of the cultural differences though because Dutch people sometimes may come off as rude or insensitive but they don't mean it like that :D

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