Erasmus Experience in Córdoba, Spain by Fannie

Why did you choose to go to Córdoba, Spain?

Because I had been there before and I really liked the city, it's very beautiful. In addition, it's an average city where there's a good atmosphere, people are very welcoming, and everything can be done on foot, hence the "village" atmosphere.


How long is your stay? How much help do you receive?

I'm spending the second semester in Córdoba and for now I received 600 euros between the Erasmus scholarship and the regional scholarship.

How is the student atmosphere in Córdoba?

Very good atmosphere.

Would you recommend the city and the University of Córdoba to other students?

Of course!

How is the food in this country?

It's good but a little greasy. Fruits and vegetables aren't as "to die for" as the produces in mom's garden!

Did you have trouble finding accommodation in Córdoba?

Yes and no. Yes because I had my criteria (sunny apartment, well placed... ). Initially, I wanted to find an apartment in Judería because it seemed more authentic but the apartments had little light, were a bit old and sinuous. I finally found something in Ciudad Jardín and I don't regret my choice because it's where the young people are, you find everything. No because there were a lot of apartments so I only had to choose.


What is the cost of living in Córdoba?

The food isn't expensive (compared to France) and going out either.

How is language learning? Have you been to language courses organized by the university?

At the language level, everything is fine. No classes, it comes naturally.

What is the most economical way to get to Córdoba from your city?

By plane to Seville and then by train.

What locations would you recommend to party in Córdoba?

The Gongora? I haven't tried everything yet.


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