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Erasmus experience in Córdoba, Spain by Annachiara

Why did you choose to go to Córdoba?

To challenge myself. I chose Spain because I wanted to learn a new language, because of the climate and the people. Since it was my first experience abroad I didn't want to end up traumatised.

How long does the scholarship last for? How much money does one receive as a financial aid?

The scholarship lasts for 6 months (as much as you stay there). The amount is about 220 euros per month.

Erasmus experience in Cordova, Spain by Annachiara


What is the student life in Córdoba like?

Student life is well organized. People aren't as friendly as one expects them to be though; I noticed an incredible closed-mindedness towards the foreigner. Very little pleasant.

Would you recommend the city and the University of Cordova to other students?

Yes and no. Yes I would, because I would recommend that everyone go on Erasmus no matter how, even at worst it's an amazing experience. No I wouldn't, because I would recommend choosing a much bigger city.

What's the national food like?

Little typical. Except for the most typical dishes, it pretty sucks.

Was it hard to find accommodation in Cordova?

No, it wasn't at all.

How much does it cost to live in Cordova?

The cost of living is pretty low.

How is it going with the language? Have you attended any language course at the university?

I've learnt the language without any problems. I've attended 7 courses.

Erasmus experience in Cordova, Spain by Annachiara


What's the cheapest way to get to Cordova from your city?

I lived in the centre of Cordova.

What places would you suggest hanging out at night?

Night life and party is everywhere during the week. On Saturdays and Sundays it gets deserted.

How about eating out in Cordova? Could you tell us what your favourite restaurants/cafes are?

There are gastronomic offers everywhere that may be low-level but at least they cost little and are pretty fun: ultimate for students.

Any cultural must-see spot?

The mezquita (mosque), the synagogue, the churches, the botanic garden, the university building of the Faculty of Veterinary, of Sciences, the train station... in a small way, it is adorable.

Erasmus experience in Cordova, Spain by Annachiara


Any advice to give to future students in Cordova?

Bite the bullet. Study a lot and be Italian, but with elegance and intelligence. We're proud of it.

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