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Erasmus in Copenhagen

The best thing of my Erasmus experience is having met a lot of new people and having discovered Danish culture, that was totally unknown for me.

The city is incredible, and the people are very kind and polite. There are tons of bars and restaurants, as well as many other options to hang out. ¿The worst part? The price. Everything is very expensive in Copenhagen. Public transportation is very good, but it is way too expensive. Of course, you always have the choice of biking, since the city is so well ready for it.

The weather was another inconvenience for me, although it was actually warmer that what I expected. It is true that is the weather is cold, but it is bearable, and it doesn´t rain that often.

Universities are something truly amazing, everything from the facilities to how they are run. I studied at UCC, and I can tell you, they know how to treat the students.

I will give you an advice: when you are looking for accommodation in the city, be careful, and look in advance: I came across a few scams, and of course, the accommodation is very expensive.

Apart from that, I had many more good experiences than bad ones, and I would recommend Copenhagen without any doubt. You will love it.

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