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Tarnita lake

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Tarnita Lake

Published by Patricia Ioana — 4 years ago

The Lake is located between the municipalities of Evi Rabari, Marisel and Gale, Cluj County, West of Cluj-Napoca. With an area of about. 220 ha and a length of over 8 km, Lake Tarnita is one of the most popular tourist areas of Cluj County. It is fed by the waters of Somes warm (one of Sommes Small tributaries) and has a volume of about. 74 million cubic metres. The dam wall of the fortress is in the shape of an arc and it was completed in 1974 with a height of 97 m. accumulation of water from a depth has over 70 metres. A narrow band of asphalt is and surrounding the Lake on your left. Lake waters are valuable for their strength and support for modernization of the little Somes. The Tarnita Lake is frequented by both fans of water sports and fishing.

The Lake is kept lit as a fairy-tale Palace, and the yellow light projected from spotlights to reveal and hide at the same time, the secrets of the dam. In the Valley, the dam appears as a huge defensive wall. The road leads to the village of Moti, Marisel, patria located just a few kilometers from the Lake. Legends say that dug tunnels under the mountains exceed a length of 10 kilometers and the whole plant looks like military intelligence centres buried in rock and which are capable of withstanding a nuclear attack.

Because the Lake's water comes from springs in the Apuseni Mountains, Cluj is one of the cities with the best drinking water in Romania. The Lake is located five kilometers away from Bistrita. Close to the shores of the Lake, the road turned into a real colony of villas. The Lake is especially recommended to fishermen who, after going a few miles over a mountain, can I find a quiet place. In the colonies appeared luxurious villas. A piece of land on the shores of Lake Tarnita costs as a parcel in downtown Cluj. Most of these villas are surrounded with green grass plots, hemmed with white concrete curbs, which marks the edges of the huge steps that descend to the mountain water.

We decided to go a little, to see the Tail Lake Tarnita a beautiful place where every year more people choose to go to take a bath, hanging out with your tent, grills, etc. Seeing as nobody has written anything about this place, I was thinking that I'll come home with very beautiful impressions, impressions that I had earlier about this area and, when there, I came home with a total disappointment about people. How can them be so jerks? After so much rain, the water was coming through the tunnel, was huge, even flooded part of ' the beach ', bringing with it a lot, a lot of misery. Bottles, pets, shoes, wood-floated on the water. Let's say, somehow I got over that. We got out of the car and started to walk. There was a large dumpster EMPTY trash, and the next, it's full blown rubbish.

As I sat there, everything disappointed me. I never thought people should do something like this All the time, when coming out somewhere in the mountains, so walking around until you find a place where it's not so crowded. Maybe some will condemn me or will they say that what impressions does this, but so, in my opinion, it does not accept. On the road towards home, all I sat and I thought of something.

In a fast growing tourist area, including homes or hostels in becoming, shadowed by big trees I found this truly 'dream home'. The location is completely different to traditions, filled modernism. I found on Prahova valley or Bran, something similar for example the sweet Home, but I still find those old fashioned which after a week of toil after the service Sunday, sits quietly at the former market quietly and enjoy a beer and a cigarette cases with complicated names uttered. Pension forcing the breath-taking impetus to a visit from the road. I choose the short driveway that crosses the park with lawn, passing near a small pond in which is filled with trout.

We slept at Home Dream. This was the name of our semi hostal and it was amazing. Once you enter in the yard after we crossed a wooden bridge built exactly like the fairy tales I discovered a playful and trout pool and then the Court which is full of flowers and neat. After I made acquaintance with the hostess I was led in the room we had reserved it. I was pleasantly surprised to discover a spacious room, clean, equipped with whatever is greater necasar for a holiday party and I managed include: fluffy carpet, lcd, fridge in room, shoes, hair-dryer, towels, amenities that can be loosely classified 5 *. Services are OK, provided by the host and are at a rate of 80% of the farm and I would list some examples: eggs, milk, chicken, trout, etc.

Really amazing!... I was particularly impressed by the picturesque place, very elegant, which combines the traditions of the roman people with luxury and modernism today. I don't want to exaggerate but, visitors who described very nice this place, unlike them we have served meals there. Special menus were cooked very well, ' like ' at home, and more than that all preparations were obtained from the household of the host, so everything was natural and... Price-quality ratio is good, I was very satisfied and wish to return.

Returning to the area we recommend you discover the numerous caves, waterfalls with the help of a professional guide, Mr. Mihai explain everything to us and we were very impressed with all those beauties of nature.

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