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  • Salon Alisa

    Salon Alisa is nice beauty center in Hasdeu, Cluj-Napoca. Available services: haircur, hairstyling, haircoloring, manichiura, pedicure, epilation, masage,  make up, micropigmentation, woxing, facial and corporal treatments, nails with gel, hair extensions, ...

    0 by Alisa, one month ago
  • Cojocna salt lakes

    Hello all! How are You? I hope fine! In my previous post I’ve already written about swimming pools and recreational complexes at Cluj-Napoca. Now time has come to get out into the wild, and experience natural lakes in the surroundings of Cluj. Cojocna is absolutely...

    0 by Dóra, 3 years ago
  • Cluj swimming pools

    Hello to all! I love swimming, and anywhere I go in the world with Erasmus, if I have the opportunity, I visit a swimming complex. I believe that, by gaining inside of a nation 'sculpture for swimming', I can get closer to the whole society-image. Cluj-Napoca is a big...

    0 by Dóra, 3 years ago
  • Villager- Ltd

    Villager Ltd. is a concept aimed at revealing to you the beauty of nature around the Villager mansion.  The surroundings are rich in fresh and healthy resources: streams, lush forests and fresh air.  The panoramic views appeal is heightened by the animals living...

    0 by Enduro, 4 years ago
  • Tarnita lake

    The Lake is located between the municipalities of Evi Rabari, Marisel and Gale, Cluj County, West of Cluj-Napoca. With an area of about. 220 ha and a length of over 8 km, Lake Tarnita is one of the most popular tourist areas of Cluj County. It is fed by the waters of...

    0 by Patricia, 5 years ago
  • Big Fitness

    In Cluj Napoca people prefare to go to the gym. Here a lot a people d not buy sport equipment. Instead the go at gym with a pair of trousers and a T-shirt. The water is not like in Italy or Spain, that is why they choose a gym instead of a Park. Usually if you pay...

    0 by Patricia, 5 years ago
  • Babes Park

    Cluj Napoca is a city in the centre of Romania. It is a big city, famous for its universities that is why a lot of erasmus students choose to go there in their exchange. The Faculty is very good, law or Languages universities also. More than just a city full of...

    0 by Patricia, 5 years ago

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