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Experience in Cluj-Napoca, Romania by Jakab

Published by Jakab Bernadett — 5 years ago

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What is it like to live in Cluj-Napoca? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

Yes, as a freshman, I was fascinated by the colourfulness of the city. Moreover, there were various programs organised throughout the whole week. In Cluj-Napoca there is a cinema (the movies aren't dubbed but subtitled in Romanian), a Hungarian theater with English subtitles, different music festivals and some places to play paintball.

What is the student lifestyle like in Cluj-Napoca?

It depends on your monthly budget. By the way, there is the student street called "Piezisa" it's next to the dorms so it is noisy and alive as soon as the semester begins (around the 1st of October).


How much does it cost to live in Cluj-Napoca?

Living in Cluj-Napoca costs 400-500 euro, at least if you want to really enjoy it. Of course you are able to survive on less. There are no limits when you want to party a lot.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Cluj-Napoca? Is there any advice you can give?

In Cluj-Napoca, students usually rent a flat together. The price of a studio or a one-room apartment is 200 euro at least. If you share a 2-room apartment, then the accommodation is around 120-150 EU/person at least. The cheapest option is the 3-room apartment, since it can cost you around 100 EU/person. The expenses for one month vary between 20-50 Euro (the gas bill is very low during the summer).

  • You have to chose either a "garsoniere de inchiriat" (studio/one-room apartment)or a "apartamente de inchiriat" (2-5-room apartment). After you chose the type of apartment you have to fill in Judet: Cluj, Oras: Cluj-Napoca, you can add further criteria like the quarter, the number of rooms, the rent amount (search for it here).
  • You can also search for accommodation here.
  • Here you have an interactive map of the city.
  • Finally, here you have a Facebook group to find a room in Cluj-Napoca.

I recommend finding a room in the city and not in a dorm. The dorms are crowded. At least for my taste.


What is the food like? What are your favourite dishes?

I'm vegetarian, so my favorite dishes are vegetarian too. Romanian cuisine is a meat based one. When you are here you have to try the "ciorba" it's a traditional soup which I used to like or "mici/mititei" little sausages with mustard and bread and the Cluj/Kolozsvri cabbage which is also a meat in cabbage and cream.

What places would you recommend visiting in Cluj-Napoca?

The Central Square, the Pharmaceutical museum in the center, the village museum (Muzeul Satului), "Cetatuie" for the look over the city in the center and of course the Central Park.


Is it good to eat out in Cluj-Napoca? Can you tell us your favourite spots?

I really enjoy eating out. The best cappuccino in the city is inToulouse (they have good food, too), I like the sushi places (Nobori for the daily menu in the Center if I'm out and hungry) and Tokyo for dining out. For pasta Capricioasa is the best I have ever tried (a bistro on the Horea street in the center).

Is the nightlife good in Cluj-Napoca? Where is good to go?

Yes, as soon as students are in the city. Any club in the center is fine. I have no personal favorite.


What advice would you give future students heading to Cluj-Napoca?

Here people hate official paperwork but for your own safety insist on it. All the rent offers for October for instance are available only from the end of August or the beginning of September so I would suggest using an agency to find a place in time. Get a bus pass, it's really hard with bicycle. Try out everything, at least once. You just have to ask for information: people speak in English and usually friendly.

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