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Erasmus experience in Cádiz, Spain

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Original text by flag-fr Emilie BENARD

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Why did you choose to go to Cádiz, Spain?

Because it was a Spanish city that I didn't know and I wanted to discover it.

How long did your stay last? How much financial aid did you receive?

One semester (beginning in February and ending in June) with a grant from my region: 450 euros per month.

What is the student atmosphere like in Cádiz?

Very lively and vibrant, lots of events and unforgettable parties!


Would you recommend the city and the University of Cádiz to other students?


What's the food like in this country?

Very nice, there's always something for everyone's preference.

How did you find your accommodation?

Through little ads (on the internet and ads at the University).

What are the rent prices like in Cádiz? And how much does it cost in general?

Between 250 and 350€, approximately.

What is it like to learn the language there? Did you take part in a language course organized by the University?

You can learn it quickly if you don't spend time with people of the same nationality! No, I didn't attend one of the University's language courses.

What is the cheapest way of getting to Cádiz from your city?

Plane to Seville (from Beauvais, Ryanair), then the train (13 euros).

What places would you recommend for partying in Cádiz?

For bars: Nahu (free salsa course Tuesday night) Mandala, Low cost and La Punta Felipe for sure for the night clubs (Imagina, KM).

And for eating? Which are your favourite places?

100 montaditos on Wednesday night (everything is at 1€), Arsenio Manila, Show de Tapas...


What cultural visits do you recommend?

Granada, you have to see it without a doubt! Córdoba, Seville, Rota, Jerez de la Frontera, the white villages...

Any advice to future students arriving to Cadiz?

Have a ball! It's a very nice experience!

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