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¡La vida gaditana loca! (Crazy Cádiz lifestyle)

Why did you choose to go to Cádiz, Spain?

I've always loved Spain, Spanish people, tapas and everything! In fact, Cádiz wasn't my first choice. There was only one place to go to Cádiz in my university and I didn't think I would be chosen but I thank the international service every day for allowing me to live the most beautiful year of my life!

We don't know much about Cádiz, we choose this city because it's in the south, by the sea... But believe me it's much more than that!

La vida gaditana loca!


How long is your stay? How much help do you receive?

I stayed from the beginning of September until end of June. You think it's too long before leaving but believe me it's not enough! And every day of my life, I think of Cai as it's called, just by answering your questions my eyes lit up!

Regarding the aid, I had about 550 € per month (I didn't receive the aid per month but in 3 installments). Know that with 600 € you live like a king in Cádiz: accommodation + transport (bike for me) + food + restaurant + outings every night + trips almost every weekend in Spain + shopping! No, no, you're not dreaming!

How's the student atmosphere in Cádiz?

The best of the best... Small town but I have never laughed so much in my life! Of course it's not Ibiza but it's really cool! You will find in Cádiza real Erasmus family, incredible people coming from everywhere, "Gaditanos" all more friendly than others, the Andalusian atmosphere and of course the " Punta San Felipe ", large alley of nightclubs by the sea where you will experience crazy nights (every night)!

Would you recommend the city and the University of Cádiz to other students?

A billion times yes! And if you don't want to go, give me your place! The University is top top top! The staff is splendid, the teachers for the most part super (except those who are difficult to understand because of their accent). Do not hesitate, go there! You won't regret it :)

La vida gaditana loca!


How's the food in this country?

Aie aeeeeee delicious but greasy so watch out for the pounds! But to compensate you can do a little jogging on the "Paseo Maritimo" at sunset. There are plenty of great restaurants in Cádiz! Squid and fish are delicious :)

Did you have trouble finding accommodation in Cádiz?

No, at the University there were lots of ads and they will give you a list of apartments. It's very easy to find and cheap especially!

What's the cost of living in Cádiz?

About 600 € per month to live like a king (215 € rent), food 25 € per week (go to the market:D) if your eating meat and fish, 1 € for beer, 50 cts for a shot, 4 € for a hard (in general), the dream!

How's language learning? Have you been to language classes organized by the university?

I didn't take classes with the university because I had a good level of Spanish. My biggest regret is not having made a lot of Spanish friends! I lived with English people and I had French friends... This is really the Spanish hostel but if you want to speak Spanish you can without any worries! (Or should I say "andaluuuuu")

What's the most economical way to get to Cádiz from your city?

By plane from Paris to Séville (Transavia, Vueling ou Ryanair) then, by train or by bus all the way to Cádiz!

What places would you recommend to party in Cádiz?

Nahu, m2, Sumat (it might have changed), Aqui te quiero, Imagina, Babylonia etc.

And to eat in Cádiz? What are your favorite places?

La Isleta de la Viña! The neighborhood of Viña in general... Everything is good everywhere! I tested :)

La vida gaditana loca!

Octopus Passion Fruit - Isleta de la Viña (Facebook)

And what cultural tours do you recommend?

The Torre Tavira, walks, the Cádiz Cathedral... For more culture go to Seville! But you can wander around and explore small streets!

La vida gaditana loca!

Cádiz Cathedral (Blog)

A tip for future students in Cádiz?

Viva Caii! You should go, it was the most beautiful experience of my life, I met friends from everywhere that I still keep in touch with. It's a very beautiful life experience. We think that because it's small we'll have less fun than in Barcelona or Seville but believe me, it's the opposite! Cádiz is a beautiful city, you will enjoy the beach except between November and February and you will have the chance to go to the famous carnival!

Don't waste a moment and go, you will enjoy a chocolate con churros for me! By the way, I will take my tickets para volver en la ciudad de mi Corazón! Viva cai pishaa!

La vida gaditana loca!

Photo by Agustin Piñero (Pexels)

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