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Erasmus Experience in Cadix, Spain, by Chloé

Erasmus Experience in Cadix, Spain, by Chloé


Why did you choose to go to Cadix, Spain?

I chose to go to Cadix for the weather, the prettiness of the city and because my Spanish is better than my English.

How long is your stay? What amount of financial support do you receive?

My stay lasts just six months as the first semester starts around the 30th September and finishes mid-February (with the Cadix carnival).

I received 1000€ for the 6 months (165€p/m), but that depends on your region. (I'm from Brittany)

What is the student life like in Cadix?

The atmosphere is great, there are Erasmus societies that organise events throughout the week, which gives you the chance to get to know other Erasmus students.

In Cadix (especially in the old town) there is a strong Erasmus presence, you'll come across this every day!

Erasmus Experience in Cadix, Spain, by Chloé


Would you recommend the city and the University of Cadix to other students?

I would without a doubt recommend the city, you have the beach, the sun, (up to now I've only had three days of rain), and proximity to Portugal and Morocco.

As for recommending the university, that really depends on your area of studies, I study economics and there is a lot of work to do.

What is the food like in the country?

The food is excellent, the tapas is amazing and really cheap! (2/3€ per tapa, and after the third one you'll be stuffed)

Also, try the churros with hot chocolate!

Erasmus Experience in Cadix, Spain, by Chloé


Was it difficult for you to find accommodation in Cadix?

I found it a bit difficult as I was only staying 6 months and landlords tend to prefer Erasmus students who are staying the full year.

When you do find an apartment, you have to pay a deposit, so you have to trust the landlord there but so far I've not heard of anyone having any problems in that respect.

What is the cost of living in Cadix?

Living costs - accommodation, food, aren't expensive.

Erasmus Experience in Cadix, Spain, by Chloé


How have you found learning Spanish in Cadix? Did you attend any courses offered by the university?

There are courses provided through the university to improve your level, however there is a fee.

In my opinion learning Spanish in Cadix is relatively quite challenging because Andalusians speak very fast and shorten their words a lot.

What is the cheapest way of getting to Cadix from your home city?

I live in Quimper in Brittany, so to get to Cadix, the best option is to fly either from Nantes or Paris to Seville. Afterwards you can take the train from Seville to Cadix (16€).

Erasmus Experience in Cadix, Spain, by Chloé


What spots would you recommend for the nightlife in Cadix?

You should try different bars around Cadix - they all have a different atmosphere and feel to them.

For clubbing, you should go to La Punta as this is where you'll find the 3/4 nightclubs.

On the main nights around La Punta (especially Fridays and Saturdays) people gather outside to continue the night outside ( botellón ).

And what about eating out in Cadix? What are your favourite places?

I love the Taperia de Columela ( tapas); Osare and la Candeleria (pizzeria).

Erasmus Experience in Cadix, Spain, by Chloé


And what cultural outings and hotspots would you recommend?

All of the towns around Cadix are stunning.

My favourites are Ronda, Cordoba, Vejer de la Frontera.

These towns and villages can be reached by coach or as part of day-trips organised by societies.

Any final advice for students going to Cadix in future?

Make the most of it because it flies by!

Erasmus Experience in Cadix, Spain, by Chloé

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