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Cadiz Carnival

Cadiz Carnival took place on the 6th of February, 4 hours away from Grenada. We went with the Erasmus organisation called EMICET by bus. We arrived around mid afternoon and we left again at 6am. And yep, the aim isn't really to sleep. Our group dressed in traditional Chinese wear, and like the rest of the bus we could easily get into the spirit with the strong sun (even in February! ), the drinks that were handed out throughout the journey and the good music.

Cadiz Carnival

From the time we arrived, around 4pm, up until the end of the night, it was basically a city-wide booze up! In other words, a huge meet up of young people drinking in all the streets of the city. We didn't watch any shows or any of the concerts.

Apart from a few moments that felt quite long, meetings were very natural, whether with Spaniards or foreigners . The atmosphere was festive, but I think that it would be the same difference to do this kind of thing in Grenada, save yourself 18 euros and also 8 hours on the road. As well, the streets were extremely dirty and it was impossible to walk without slipping on plastic or alcohol. The streets smelt of urine. Another inconvenience for girls - there were no toilets!

Cadiz Carnival

Taking part in the Cadiz Carnival, shouldn't be taken as an opportunity to visit the city, as I said, during that weekend, the city looked more like a giant rubbish bin. But otherwise, from what we could see looking up, there was beautiful architecture that deserves a visit! Especially the surrounding beaches, with large sand banks, where some parties are organised, mostly young people, like in the nearby town Tarifa.

Cadiz Carnival

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