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Erasmus blog Bulgaria

  • A day trip to the southeast part of Bulgaria

    This summer I decided to spend more time exploring the beautiful landscapes and historical places in the home country. I was lucky enough to have the time and resources to do so and also with the support of my lovely friends. Thus, we decided to explore the south of...

    0 by Alexandrina, one year ago
  • Turks' Another City,Kardzhali

    Hello Everyone! I will mention about Kardzhali (Кърджали) which is a city has high population of Turkish people.Most of the people who live in Thrace,in Turkey,came from Bulgaria.As an example,my grandparents were born in Kardzhali and lived there until 5.Most...

    0 by Zeynep, one year ago
  • A trip to Bulgaria!

    Since September I have been leaving in Spain, to do an year Internship in Erasmusu. During this year I decided to write some goals, you know like new years wishes...and one of it was going to a new country. One day I was skyping with my friend, that she is half...

    0 by Rita, 3 years ago
  • 30 reasons why you should never visit Bulgaria

    1. What a beautiful countryside vista... Naaaaaaat! One of the seven Rila lakes in the Rila mountains Source 2. Bloke in the corner probably thinking "wtf am I doing in this shit hole? " Mountain lake Source 3. Now these just look fucking weird! Stone group in the...

    14 by Guillermo, 6 years ago
  • Etur

    Etura is one of the most interesting places you can see in Bulgaria. It is an architectural example which exihibits the typical Bulgarian houses and workshops from the eighteen and the nineteenth centuries. The museum was founded in 1964 thanks to a man named Lazar...

    0 by Bo, 7 years ago
  • What to See in Bulgaria, Pt. 5: Southern Black Sea Resorts

    Go a bit to the north and you will encounter one of the fines  places (in my opinion) at the Bulgarian sea side. It is named Irakli and it is one of the best places you could go camping. Irakli is or at least was of  of the symbols of the Bulgarian hippie/free spirit....

    0 by Bo, 7 years ago
  • What to see in Bulgaria Pt. 4: Southern Black Sea Resorts

    After telling you some stuff about the beautiful Bulgarian mountains, I would like to mention interesting places at the sea side. Bulgaria has a sea and it is the Black Sea. It is kind of closed and it resembles a lake. As far as I know, it used to be a lake some...

    0 by Bo, 7 years ago
  • What to see in Bulgaria Pt. 3: the Rhodopi Mountain

    I started talking about what to see in Bulgaria and I mentioned two mountains: Rila and Pirin. Now, I would like to tell you a bit about the Rhodopi Mountain, which is also amazing to see… and a bit magical. Why am I saying it is magical? On the first place, it is...

    2 by Bo, 7 years ago
  • What to Eat in Bulgaria Pt. 2

    In part one of “What to Eat in Bulgaria” I told you about typical Bulgarian dishes you might like and you might order in restaurants. Here, in part two, I would like to talk about food you cannot find at restaurants (at least not most of the time) but you can have...

    0 by Bo, 7 years ago
  • What to Eat in Bulgaria Pt. 1

    If you are new to Bulgaria, you probably want to try some typical dishes. That is why I will give you a guide on how to eat like a Bulgarian and enjoy it ;))) Step one: Bulgarian meals often start with a salad. Yes, we Bulgarians love salads and these vary according to...

    0 by Bo, 7 years ago
  • What to See in Bulgaria Pt. 2: Pirin

    In What to See in Bulgaria, part one: Rila. I gave you some ideas in where you could go. I talked about the beautiful mountain Rila. Now I would like to mention Pirin, another amazing and magical mountain. Pirin is situated in the South-Eastern part of the country....

    0 by Bo, 7 years ago
  • What to see in Bulgaria Pt.1: Rila mountain

    I was born in the small and beautiful country of Bulgaria and I am convinced it is a geat place to either visit or to do Erasmus. Bulgaria is situated in Eastern Europe, right next to Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Romania, Macedonia, and the Black Sea (that would be on the...

    0 by Bo, 7 years ago

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