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Sticking to a budget can be hard, especially when abroad and you want to get the most out of your experience, however, the following tips should help you to save money in a few areas.

Student ID card (university ID card)

Take your student card everywhere you go! You will be surprised by how many places offer student discounts with the flash of a student card. It is always worth asking to see if a store offers a student discount before you pay, and the discount is usually 10% off the asking price.

As already mentioned, you can receive 30% discount on First buses if you are a student. Some bus drivers are kind and will let you off if you have forgotten your student card but it is always safer to carry it with you in case you end up with a grumpy driver who refuses to give you the discount even though you are getting on the bus just outside the university. You will also need your student card to get into most student nights in order to get those £1.00 shots.

NUS extra card

The NUS card is a great way to save money. When purchasing a card you will be redirected to login into your UK university portal and from there you will be able to purchase a NUS card for just £12.00 for one year, £22.00 for two years or £32.00 for three years. This will give you access to over 200 discounts within the UK and 42,000 worldwide.


Once you have your login for your University website/email/portal etc, setting up a UNiDAYS account is a great way to save money when you are going on an online shopping spree. You can receive discounts in hundreds of stores, including Apple, Microsoft and ASOS. It is usually 10% but special offers are sometimes available and you can, if you are lucky, receive up to 30% off in some stores.


The four things you need to save money on travel:

  • Your student card for the bus services (30% on Services in the West)
  • National Express Young Person’s card (10% off coach services)
  • NUS card (25% off National express and 10% off Megabus)
  • 16-25 Young Person’s Railcard (33% off Rail services)

Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards can save you money in the long run. You can build up points each time you shop there and once you have gained enough points, you will be rewarded with free or discounted products. You can obtain a loyalty card in places such as Boots and Nandos, as well as many other places - just ask!

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