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Private rooms or student halls?

Living in the halls of residence that belong to the university tends to be more expensive but you will have peace of mind knowing there is (usually) 24-hour security services, you will be living with other students (most likely of a similar age) and they are easy to research and book. When applying for halls of residence, you will be asked to select a first and second option. It is a good idea to get researching as soon as you have your Erasmus place secured at your chosen university to ensure that you get your first choice of halls of residence if this is where you decide to live.

If you need any help when choosing halls there are lots of websites that can offer advice from students and pages on Facebook, as well as advice from the universities directly.

Likewise, if you are undergoing an internship or period of work for your Erasmus in Bristol, ask your workplace if they can check your contract for you in case you have any queries as they will be more than willing to help make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Finding a room to rent in a private house can be a bit more difficult to arrange but it means that you will experience ‘real Bristol life’ and will have more freedom to have all those house parties... Houses in Bristol tend to be very spacious and will more often than not have a garden of some description. If you have any queries regarding your tenancy contract before you sign it, there are services at the universities where you can take the contract in for them to check it and they can advise you on whether it seems reasonable or not.

Also, take a look at accommodation available in Bristol on Erasmusu! Remember you can book your new home in Bristol before you even arrive. Erasmusu has a huge variety of options from living in a room in a shared flat, University Halls, or studio apartments to spend your year abroad in.

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