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Bristol is a quirky place and it is renowned for its excellent music scene, so if you like the charts, you are an acid house junkie or you love raving to Drum and Bass, Bristol is equipped to please all. In this next section, I will try to list some of the ‘must-go places’, but there are just so many…

  • Thekla: a club on a boat... Yes, a party on a boat! You have to go here just to say you have partied on a boat. The best night for students here is on Thursday where you can get 2 for 1 drinks and you can enter for free before 10pm.
  • Pop World: head here on a Friday night for Appy Days and make your day happy with free entry for students and £2.00 Jaeger Bombs!
  • Lola Lo: download the Lola Lo loyalty app and be sure to bag yourself a handful of good deals upon entry to the club.
  • Lizard Lounge: Lizard Lounge is your ultimate university experience as a nightclub and is packed Monday - Thursday with Bristol students. Head down here to view Bristols ultimate party venue.
  • Mbargo: This place is open 7 days a week for all you, party animals, and it is located on the student triangle. Party here 8pm - 4am any day of the week and get in those cheap drinks on your student budget.
  • V Shed (spoons): throughout your time in England, you will be sure to come across many Weatherspoons, a huge national chain of pubs with cheap food and drinks. Each one has an individual name and this one is known as V Shed. Head down here to get your cocktail pitchers and your cheap roast dinner on a Sunday. A lot of people have their pre-drinks here as it is that cheap.
  • Gloucester Rd: Gloucester Road is a very long street with a very wide selection of pubs and bars. You could spend your whole night pub or bar hopping up here and still not visit them all.
  • Lakota: Lakota is more for that underground music scene, with huge dub, drum and bass and jump up nights, this is definitely a must. Head down for Tribe of Frog to see the incredible decorations that fill the place. Beware though, it is a psytrance night, a genre that isn’t for everyone…
  • Bar 51: located in the happening Stokes Croft, with live DJ’s, live bands and food, you can get cheap pizza and discounted drinks here with your valid NUS card.
  • Attic/Full moon bar: located at the very bottom of Stokes Croft and right next to the Bearpit, this is an eco-friendly backpackers hostel cum live music venue and pub. In the heart of Bristol’s cultural quarter, this place is packed on Friday and Saturdays, with other events on throughout the week.
  • Crofters Rights: once again situated right in the nucleus of Stokes Croft, the home to craft beer and ciders and a back room that hosts punks gigs and comedy shows, this place is popping off and should definitely be on your list of places to visit.
  • The Love Inn: can you guess where this one is? Yup, it’s in Stokes Croft, your dearest friend. This one serves food, good vibes, music and cocktails! Open every day of the week, get down here to feel the love.
  • Propaganda: every Saturday at the Fleece there is a Propaganda takeover, where students enter for £4.00 before midnight and drinks start from just £1.00. If you are looking for something studenty to do on your Saturday night, this could be the place for you.
  • Ramshackle: every Friday night, hosted at the O2 arena in Bristol, head down here for a real mix of music hosted throughout three different rooms. Entry is always £5.00 and drinks start at just £1.50. What are you waiting for?
  • Motion: Motion is another home to underground music, with events almost every weekend and a big host to day festivals during the summer months, this is an awesome venue to experience. It even has a Skate Park attached and there are often skaters during a night out; pretty cool, hey?
  • Blue Mountain: another one located in the very heart of Stokes Croft. Blue Mountain is a little bit smaller than your other clubs but it hosts all kinds of genres from Hip Hop to Drum and Bass. Check it out.

As you can see, the list really is endless, but what I do hope you have learned from this section is that there is plenty going on in Bristol. So put on your dancing shoes and get out and explore everything there is to discover!

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