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Slovak Pub

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Perfect place for traditional Slovak Food

Published by Ali Enes — 6 years ago

1st of all that place is now ranked in 23rd of Lonely Planet worldwide pubs, maybe that make sense for you!

For my experience; I have been there several times to eat and drink and I seriously recommend you to have a drink and meal there! Especially, if you wish to taste some Slovak foods If so, you are in the correct place for it. I have drunk some several times and the other times, I tried Halusky and Garlic soup in bread bowl. Both were delicious - especially Halusky- even if Garlic soup was so salty (I just don't add salt in anything, I refuse salt) it was so good in those bread bowls. Of course you can eat the bowl, too!

Anyway, if you are a traveller or an erasmus student in Slovakia and if you wish to enjoy Slovak foods, just visit this place: Slovak Pub.


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The perfect combo: real deal flavors, great prices and central location

Published by Kristin Petra H. Hoksrød — 2 months ago

Slovak pub is convenient located in Obchodná street, pretty close to the centre.

They have proper Slovak food, which tastes like the real deal!

They have soups, some served in a bread bowl, meat, chicken, beers, desserts and I would guess something for every taste.

I truly recommend the garlic soup in the bread bowl! It’s not as powerful as expected, but creamy and delicious. Another thing I recommend is the bryndzove halusky which is potato gnocchi with a sauce from sheep cheese and crispy bacon on top. This is a traditional dish which reminds me of mac ‘n cheese, REAL COMFORT FOOD, which also means: it fills you up!

They also have some traditional food with cabbage, but often with the spice cumin which I personally don’t fancy… reminding me of sauerkraut.

The prices are great, and if I remember correctly there’s a student discount on beers!

The décor makes a home, traditional vibe with wooden benches, and decorations like statues and paintings.

They also have a bio farm, which the leftovers are sent to. And perhaps where the meat comes from? I’m a big supporter of good quality food and also not throwing food away so I really appreciate this!

They even sell quite unique souvenirs: t-shits with different prints, I found the one of a bra with written under “tislava” amusing.

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