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  • Obchodná street

    Kebab, shops and bars!  What else do a street need? After a couple of times walking up and down this street my friend and I decided to call it “The Kebab Street”. We went here for whatever we needed: food, shops and bars!  Even though it has both cozy cafés and...

    0 by Kristin Petra H., 4 years ago
  • Slovak Pub

    Slovak pub is convenient located in Obchodná street, pretty close to the centre. They have proper Slovak food, which tastes like the real deal! They have soups, some served in a bread bowl, meat, chicken, beers, desserts and I would guess something for every taste. I...

    0 by Kristin Petra H., 4 years ago
  • La cava Barcelona

    I think I haven't said it before, but as you can see in my profile, this year I'm an Erasmus in Bratislava. I've been here since September, which means 9 months away from home. I don't know if you know this, but food in Spain is amazing. Precisely, I'm from the north......

    0 by Adela, 8 years ago
  • Tulipan Kebap

    If you wish to taste some traditional Turkish food,Kebap/Döner or pizza,it must be your place.In the old town you can see it on very central street.Most of the time i have eat pizza there -i can here that you asking "Why pizza?"Cause i'm already Turkish and pizza was...

    0 by Ali, 10 years ago

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