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Bratislava Castle

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The best views in town!

Published by flag-es Adela Alvarez Rio — 4 years ago

Bratsilava Castle is one of the most highlighted places of the city, you can actually see it from the highway when you are 20km away standing in the top of the hill above the Blue Danube!

In my opinion it is one of the must-see places in Bratislava. Even from the beginning you will enjoy it since you have to go up crossing one of the remains of the ancient jewish neighbourhood, through its cozy little streets. Once you've crossed this part, you will find an astonishing ancient big gate: the entrance to the castle. (My little advice is: try to be a little bit fit for this, big slopes are ahead!)

The best views in town!

If you cross the gate and keep going a little more and you turn right in the corner, you'll find yourself in one of the most beautiful points in town, amazing views of Most SNP, Danube river and Saint Marthin's Cathedral, in which top you can see a gold crown big enough for a horse (believe or not, it's what they usually say... ).

The best views in town!

When you continue with you walk upwards, you will find a statue with a really moving history about the Princess of Hungary and her kindness, a restaurant with a view (quite expensive tough) and also some ancient ruins.

The best views in town!

This white castle, modest in its construction but princess type enough, has been renewed recently, so you will find it in a really good condition. You can now rest a little bit and delight yourself with the views, with the royal gates or with the building itself!

The best views in town!

The best views in town!

Strongly recommended activity in Bratislava! I hope you enjoyed it.

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