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  • The Old Town in Bratislava

    Bratislava is not a big city, in fact it only has about 420 000 people living in there. There are a few places to see, but I would definitely recommend seeing the Old Town. Somehow, it's very similar to the Old Town in Tallin: tiny alleys, tiny houses and streets that...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Blue Church

    I imagine that when you hear the word church, something big, serious and imposing crosses your mind... Well that's not what will happen when you see this one. When someone is visiting me here, I always try to show this place and when we are near there I can't stop...

    0 , 8 years ago
  • Bratislava Castle

    Bratsilava Castle is one of the most highlighted places of the city, you can actually see it from the highway when you are 20km away standing in the top of the hill above the Blue Danube! In my opinion it is one of the must-see places in Bratislava. Even from the...

    0 , 8 years ago

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