Which are the best online Masters?

A new year has just begun and one of your 2021 goals will definitely be to attend one of the best online Masters. In such a case, you'll be happy to know that one of our goals is to help you getting the answers to all the questions you have on this topic.

Both if your course requires it, such as in Medicine or Educational Science, or if it is what you want... specialize and add one of the best online Masters in your curriculum is definitely an added value! For you as for every student or professional worldwide.

Nowadays, it is always more common to choose the best online masters, thanks to their many pros, instead of the ones on campus. Let's face it, specializing in an Ivy League school can make a difference. So, what are you waiting for? Keep on reading to discover which are the best online masters of the moment.

Do you want to specialize? Choose the most popular online master

If you want to major in the realm of finance, here you can find the best online Masters in Finance.

According to the QS World University Rankings 2020, Oxford University is at the top of the list. Hurry up and check its Business School: the Saïd Business School. If you have a high English level and you meet the requirements to sign in for these prestigious masters, then do it! You can choose among 4 options:

  • Oxford Algorithmic Trading Programme
  • Oxford Executive Finance Programme
  • Oxford Fintech Programme
  • Oxford Private Markets Investments Programme

With less then £ 3000 and 6-weeks courses, you'll make a change in your career thanks to the best master online education.

Maybe it's time to take such a step and specialize in Engineering to grab one of the most paid jobs worldwide. So, go for one of the best online Masters in Engineering. Whether in Spanish, Italian or English, you've plenty of options. These include the "Master in Gestione ingegneristica" (Master in Engineering Management) at the University of Siena or the Master in Engineering Management (MEM), if you'd like to attend an American University. Otherwise, there is the Master in Cyber Security or the Master in Analysis and Engineering held in Spanish.

If you have a more scientific mind, here you can find the best online Masters in Big Data. Do you prefer the European University in Madrid or at the Hult International Business School in Cambridge? It's hard to pick between these two beautiful European cities.

On the other hand, if you are more into Literature and Law, the best online Masters in Law are waiting for you. Where? At the ESCP in Paris with the Master in Law and International Affairs or at the Law Business School in Madrid (ISDE). Here you can attend the Master in International Law or the Master in Sports Law that will let you learn everything about FIFA and UEFA. A dream that only the ISDE can make true!

You can also go for the University Master of Access to the Bar at the UCAM (Murcia), that aims to license its student to practice as lawyers.

On the other hand, the more creative and restless minds will find their place thanks to the Masters in Advertising and Marketing. On Erasmusu you can find the best online Masters in Marketing offered by the ENAE with its Master in Digital Marketing and by the TPMBA with its Master in Digital Marketing . If you prefer to develop your English skills, then enrol in the Online MSc in Marketing at Glasgow University.

Which is the best online master?

Last but not least... there are many other specializations you can enrol in to find the best job for you.

  • Have you always dreamt to become a teacher, but you have never graduated from your master? Don't worry, find the best online Master in Teaching and become the professor you have always dreamt of. Thanks to UNED, the master is at hand.
  • Do you want to distinguish and become a famous professional in the architecture field? Then search among the best online BIM Masters and manage this popular software like no other. At the UNIR you can attend courses directly from the comfort of your house.
  • Get a job as a technician in occupational risk prevention thanks to the best online Masters in ORP offered by the UNED and the UNIR among the other universities. Don't miss this opportunity.
  • If nothing mentioned before correspond to your profile, here we are talking about the best online Masters in Renewable Energy. These masters aim to create a better future, so why don't you sing up for the Official Master in Renewable Energy at the International University of Valencia or for the Online Official Master in Management of Energy Plants and International Projects offered by the ITE (Institute of Technology).

Other Online Masters:

Subject area Master
Architecture Master in Advanced Computation for Architecture & Design
MBA MBA Master in Business Administration and Management
Marketing and Communication Storytelling and Narrative Marketing
Tourism University Master in Innovation and Tourism Marketing
Health Science University Master in Research and health Sciences
Psychology University Master in Prevention of Occupational Risk

Discover the best University for Online Masters

Nowadays, the majority of universities renewed themselves to attract international students. They realized that online courses are a fundamental part of the Master's offer. If there's actually nothing better than studying in one of the best universities in the world, then you can find them here... Choose the most convenient for you and major right away!

If you have always dreamt about attending an American University, then don't waste your time! The Online University of Florida (UF online) could be perfect for you. They offer 84 online masters, can you believe it? What's more, it is ranked at the top of the Most Affordable Universities in the USA. If you want to attend one of the best masters on the net, you can also go for the Northeastern University. With more than 50 masters 100% online, from Dietary, Computer Science, and Criminology to Digital Media, Finance, and International Relations, this university based in Boston is plenty of options among which you can choose your favourite one. The same for the University of Phoenix. With more than 26 courses, you can choose whenever to start. Signing in their web page you can check for the masters and the available dates. Last but not least, the Colorado State University: based on your preferences, major in Agricultural Science, Art and Music or Engineering with flexible schedules and wherever you want.

Do you have a high-level English and you want to attend a master in one of the best universities in Great Britain? At first place, there's the University College of London. It has been declared the 15th best university of the world in 2020, and it is the birthplace of 29 Nobel Prize winners. It offers 29 prestigious masters in the field of Education, Health Science and Sport, among the others. In the same city, you can go for King's College London: with 6 chances a year to enrol in its courses, it's perfect if you want the very best.

Otherwise, if you love Scotland as much as we do, why don't you join the 45 thousand students of the University of Edinburgh? Or, as an alternative, sign up for one of its MOOCs! They are short online courses, available for whoever wants to specialize in one of the available fields; they are also included in the education offer of the University of Manchester. It is perfect if you share their same fundamental value: social responsibility. Moreover, on the web page, you can easily find the best online masters in Business Administration, Education, as well as Engineering, Health Science or Law.

Don't forget to check the web pages of the Universities of Glasgow, Sheffield or Birmingham, which are just as good.

The best online Universities in Latin America

Maybe you don't know what you want to study, but you know exactly where you want to go. If your choice is one of the online universities of Latin America, then check the list below:

  • National Autonomous University of Mexico
  • Sao Paolo University
  • National University of La Plata
  • University of Los Andes (Bogotà)
  • Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
  • Saverio University
  • National University of Cordoba
  • Federal University of Paranà
  • National Polytechnic Institute
  • University of Antigua

The best online universities in Argentina

It is worthy to mention the universities located in one of the most beautiful countries in South America. In Argentina, there are plenty of high quality institutions to specialize right from home. The FASTA University, based in Buenos Aires, offers courses in the Educational and Engineering field, At the University of Blas Pascal, you can attend the Master in Organization Administration and Management or the Master in Human Resources Administration and Management, and at the University of Palermo, leader in Argentina and in the top 4 in Latin America thanks to its MBA, you'll have the opportunity to develop your professional career. Lastly, at the CAECE University, you can attend the Master in Data Science and Entrepreneurial Innovation.

The best online universities in Europe

In Europe, you'll find prestigious universities with educational offer that will help you to stand out from the competition. Below, we listed the best online universities in Europe.

  • University of Utrecht, Netherlands
  • University of Uppsala, Sweden
  • Webster Vienna Private University, Austria
  • WINGS - Wismar University, Germany
  • Escuela de Negocios Online, Spain
  • University of Wageningen, Netherlands
  • European Institute Campus Stellae, Spain
  • International School of Management, France
  • Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland
  • Arcada University of Aplied Sciences, Finland

Spain: which are the best online masters?

Spain has a wide offer of both official and national masters. Without going far, the majority of the best official masters held online in Spain are located in the capital and are offered by universities such as the Autonomous University of Madrid, the European University, and the Polytechnic of Madrid.

Each of them educates highly-qualified professionals who will be immediately ready for the job market. In the training catalogue, you can find the Official Master in Strategies and Technologies for Development for the Social Sciences field, the Proper Master in Business Management and Cultural Institutions as part of the Humanities program, and at last, the Master in Computer Graphics, Games, and Virtual Reality as part of the Computer Science course. All of them are included in the list of thebest online master in Madrid.

The majority of the jobs in the field of Business Administration and Management require a higher level of specialization. For this reason, you can attend one of the best online MBA Masters in Spain as the one offered by the Centre of Financial Studies (CEF). If you prefer, check the universities out of Madrid. For example, in Barcelona you will find the prestigious Master in Business Administration and Management offered by the European Institute of Barcelona.

There are so many institutions offering masters in Spain that it is difficult to choose among the best universities for the online ones. For sure, the following universities are to be considered among the best ones thanks to the variety and quality of their educational program.

  1. Madrid Open University (UDIMA)
  2. National University of Distance Education (UNED)
  3. OBS Business School (Barcelona)
  4. International University of La Rioja (Open University)
  5. VIU (Valencian International University)

Don't miss the ranking of the best online masters

There are a lot of factors to consider while choosing which is the best master to attend: its employment rate, costs and the quality of the course, among many others. On Erasmusu we created the perfect Ranking to answer to your key question: Which are the Best Master's Degrees of 2020?

We also offer an Online Masters List, where you can find all the Best Masters Degrees & Masters Programs. Don't worry either if you are searching for a Bachelor's Degree. We took care of that too! Check our web page completely dedicated to the best Bachelors Degrees & Programs and bet on yourself for a successful future!

Do you need accommodation other than a master? We can help you!

Erasmusu offers houndreds of options among large Rooms, Studios, Apartments or University dorms that will make you feel at home even in another country. On Erasmusu you will find thousands of options to live a life just like in a movie.

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