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Which are the Best Master's Degrees of 2020?

After a difficult year, 2021 begins full of opportunities and new challenges both in the educational and work matters. However, do you feel ready to face the demands that this new decade brings?

The key to adapting is having high quality education in your curriculum, so if you are looking for the best master's degrees in Economics, or the best master's degrees in Marketing or in any other discipline, here you will find them!

In this article you'll find the best master's degrees of 2020, so that you only have to worry about choosing a program that suits your needs and your specialty. Want to know which masters programs are the best of the year? Let's see them!

Study online: The Best Online Master's Degrees of 2020

Taking an online master's degree gives you the option of not having to move to another city to study your specialisation, as well as of organizing your own time as it best suits you. We know that studying an online master's degree has many advantages. However, what has changed regarding online education?

We don't know where to start listing the things that have changed this hectic year. What we do know is that now you have the opportunity to study that specialty you have been going around for so long, because the offer of online studies is wider than ever before. From the best master's degrees in Engineering to the best master's degrees in Tourism, there is a whole range of possibilities to choose from.

Are you looking for a quality online master's degree that suits what you need? Discover the complete list of the best online master's degrees in Spain 2020 and in other countries in our post "Which are the best master's degrees you can study online?”.

Ranking of the Best Master's Degrees 2020

As we've said before, the offer of masters and postgraduate programs is very wide, so there's a lot to choose from and this can be chaotic if you don't know where to look. If you are looking for the best masters in Environmental Sciences, or if your specialty is the Master in Big Data, this is your section.

At Erasmusu we have compiled the Best Master's Degrees of the World 2020 by some of the most demanded specialties according to Eduniversal, an agency that identifies the quality of teaching in masters programs around the world using a methodology that measures three aspects: reputation of the master, student's satisfaction, and the salary of the first job after completing the program.

Ranking of Best Master's Degrees (global, by specialty)

Best Master's Degrees in International Law

  • Juris Doctor and Master in Business Administration (JD/MBA) - Harvard University - Harvard Law School (USA)
  • Specialisation Master in International Business Law - ESADE Law School (Spain)
  • Master of Commercial Law (MCommrclLaw) - the University of Melbourne (Australia)
  • LLM (Professional Master's degree) - University of Cape Town (South Africa)
  • Master of Laws in Chinese Business Law - The Chinese University of Hong Kong (China)

Best Master's Degrees in Big Data

  • MSc in Business Analytics - ESADE Business School (Spain)
  • Master's Degree in Big Data - Grenoble Ecole de Management (France)
  • Politics, Big Data and Quantitative Methods (MA) - University of Warwick (United Kingdom)
  • Master in Business Analytics and Big Data - IE University (Spain)
  • International Master in Business Analytics and Big Data - MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business (Italy)

Best Master's Degrees in Environmental Sciences and Environmental Management

  • MaGER_Master in Green Management, Energy and Corporate Social Responsibility - Università Bocconi Graduate School (Italy)
  • MS Environment & Resources/MBA-Stanford University - Stanford Graduate School of Business (USA)
  • Master of Environmental Management (MEM) -Yale University (USA)
  • Master's degree Creative Sustainability - Aalto University - School of Business (Finland)
  • Master of Environment - The University of Melbourne (Australia)

Best Master's Degrees in Spain 2020

It is well known that in Spain you can take some of the best master's degrees in the world since it counts with several prestigious universities, highly valued both at national and European level.

Most of these universities are located in the two largest cities in the country, so if you want to study one of the Best Master's Degrees in Spain, take note!

Here you can find some of the master's degrees with the best reputation in the country:

Best Master's Degrees in Madrid

  • LL. M. in International Business Law - IE University (International Law)
  • Master in Business Administration (MBA) - Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Economics)
  • Master in Advertising Communication - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Communication)
  • Master's Degree in Biomolecules and Cell Dynamics - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Bioscience)

Best Master's Degrees in Barcelona

  • Specialisation Master in International Business Law - ESADE Law School (Law)
  • Master in Digital Marketing - UPF Barcelona School of Management (Digital Marketing)
  • Master in SAP Functional Consulting - Universidad Ramon Llull (Computer Science and Software)
  • Master in Public Health - UPF-UAB (Health Sciences)

Best Master's Degrees Spain 2020 (by specialty)

As for the best masters programs in Spain, we have gathered for you the best of some specialties.

Best Master's Degrees in Finance

  • MSc in Finance - ESADE Business School
  • Master in Finance - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid -Business Department
  • Master's Degree in Banking and Quantitative Finance - Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Facultad de Ciencias Economicas y Empresariales con Universidad de Valencia, Universidad de Castilla La-Mancha y Universidad del País Vasco

Best Master's Degrees in Human Resources

  • Master’s Degree in Human Resources - Centro de Estudios Garrigues
  • Human Resources Management - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Master in People Management and Organizational Development - ESIC

Best Master's Degrees in Psychology

  • Master in Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience - University of Granada
  • Master in Methodology of Behavioral Sciences and Health - UAM - UCM-UNED
  • Master in Psychology of Education - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Best Master's Degrees in Pharmacy

  • Master's Degree in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Management - University of Navarra
  • Industria Farmacéutica y Parafarmacéutica - CESIF
  • Master's Degree in Research and Rational Use of Medicines - University of Valencia

Best Master's Degrees in Education (specialties)

  • Musical Education: A Multidisciplinary Perspective - University of Granada
  • Master's Degree in Educational and Psychological Intervention - University of Navarra
  • Master in Psychological Intervention in Educational Contexts - Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Other noteworthy Master's Degrees

Specialty Master’s Degree
Arquitecture Master in Advanced Architecture - Computational Design & Digital Fabrication - IAAC
Design Master of Arts in Fashion and Textile Design
Economics Master’s in Economics - NOVA SBE
Computer Science Master in Computer Science - PARIS-SACLAY
Marketing Máster Universitario en Innovación y Marketing Turístico - UCAM

Don't miss the Best Master's Degrees 2020/2021

After reading this article, you can't find your ideal master's degree? We know that there is a lot to take into account when choosing the best program such as the employability of the master's degree, its modality, etc.

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