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Hi , im SEBBANE Abdelkrim im an Algerian student in environnemental engineering , i was in lublin for an erasmus scholarship for 5 month from february 2018 to july 2018.

i liked lublin a lot because life there isn't expensive,the universties are perfect. There is a lot of places to visit: historical places like the famous castle also thers is aqua lublin i used to go there every week for practising sport especialy swiming pool and sauna its perfect and it is not expensive . for the food thers is supermarkets everywhere you can buy everythings you want also there is the kebab's restaurant especialy the palastenians and syiriens for the muslims (Halal) they have the best kebab . you can also travel by train to visite another cities like the capital warsaw or krakow that i used to visite regularly when i was there also there is gdansk ,wroclaw, honestly i liked poland a lot if the occasion comes out i will revisit it again . 

thank you .

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