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Mainz: where you can feel as good as home

 Mainz, located in the heart of Germany, comes as a perfect combination of a rich cultural life and beautiful nature. It is a great place to explore a student life at its best. It is particularly incredible for youthful grown-ups, because it is a regular moderate sized German understudy city. Of the 200,000 tenants, around 40,000 are understudies.  

  There are a few key ingredients that make a certain place to feel as good as home. One of them is people. With a friendly and down to earth citizen of Mainz, you will always feel welcome here. You can always count on Germans if you are down for a fun free time and celebrations. Especially if you are coming during the fall season you can enjoy the unity and embrace the cheerful mood during the many events of the he German reunification day. If you like to call yourself a foodie and like to experience a local cuisine you can join the festivities of Oktoberfest, where you can find tasty German beer and dishes! Even outside the many ongoing celebrations, it is always nice to take a walk around the town and enjoy the heritage sites around it, have a picnic on the riverbank of Rhein or enjoy the prefect views just across the bridge. 

  During the weekend it gives the possibility to visit different and interesting places as Frankfurt, Cologne or Berlin, losing yourself in narrow streets and local pubs. Main places to see include Alstead: arrayed around the large square called the Market, the Old City is filled with meticulously rebuilt and restored medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and rococo buildings. Mainzer Dom:  this thousand-year-old cathedral is one of the largest and most elaborate in Germany. It's so old that it is more Romanesque in style than Gothic. And the church is so large that it's dedicated to more than one saint — St. Martin and St. Stephen. 

     With its delightful view on the river, Mainz can be the perfect place to spend your internship period, sunny days are not rare here and for sure after shift-working beer, chips and a good speaker can make the difference. The city is situated at the intersection of two of the most critical streams in Germany, the Rhine and the Main, and has tremendous esplanades which are possible utilized as the area for a BBQ, a night drink or to run, roller-skate or cycle along. It is an international city with many students, so the nightlife is great, the vibe of the city is young and open minded. Joined with the solid coffeehouse and bar going society this implies you are never a long way from meeting new and energizing individuals. 

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