Is the grant awarded sufficient?

Hello guys, as you know all of you, students who participate in the Erasmus program receive a certain amount of money. Today, I am going to write about whether it is enough. We are going to talk about, whit the given grant which needs you can meet, what needs you cannot meet, when will the grant lie in your account. The given grant can change according to the country gone. If we talk about its sufficiency, I will try to explain to you that it may be sufficient for some countries but it is insufficient for some countries and even differs from city to city. This is the first thing that almost all of the students who are going to Erasmus worried about, and I often encounter this question. I will compare this issue with three countries and give more information about the country I went to. We had the right to join the Erasmus program from our class with three friends. One went to France and the other went to Poland, as I know, I went to Portugal. The grant received by the three of us was the difference. While five hundred euros is granted to France, this allowance is four hundred euros for Portugal and three hundred euros for Poland. We will be able to compare allowance for three different countries. First, let's answer the following question:

When does the grant take into our account?

Guys, this can change from university to university. The state provides universities with funds for Erasmus. Some of the universities may have increased funds from the previous period, so in some universities this allowance is considered before it goes, but most of the universities lie too late. One month after he went to our university, our money was deposited in our account, and even the friend who was the earliest grant from my friends in Portugal received the money one week before me. So do not rely on this grant when you travel because you will need to provide some money in advance to remove your pocket money, to pay the flight ticket. I give an example of the grant given, my grant was four hundred euros, six months, I stayed for a period, and my six-month grant was about one thousand two hundred euros. In some universities, 70% of the grant is awarded, while the remaining 30% is awarded upon successful return. This rate can be 80% to 20% in some universities.

How much money should I take with me?

This amount varies depending on whether you have a certain place to stay.

If your accommodation is certain, you are lucky you got rid of the hotel expenses. But even if you do not have accommodation, you will have food and transportation expenses. The first time is spending a lot because you have trouble getting your home missing. I will give an example from myself. I took a thousand euro cash with me when I left. I bought a ticket from Lisbon to Covilha. When I went to Covilha, I stayed at Solneve Hotel on the first day. I mentioned the Solneve Hotel in detail in the locations section. The next days I stayed with my friend, who I met on Facebook, took a week, and shared the kitchen expenses during my stay. Then, when I found a house, I paid my two-month rent in cash. And the house had some shortcomings, such as teapot drawer. However, I did not have much to rent a room in the house of a Portuguese aunt. In fact, when they first settled in, they bought cleaning materials and cleaned them, which cost them a little. I suggest you take money with you by taking these. At first I was a little wasteful of my money's worth. Don't you do that. Afterwards, we went to Lisbon to spend there and I even spent eighty euros just to the hairdresser. A thousand dollars was enough for me until I got my grant. But if you are a bit frugal and if your accommodation is certain, even five hundred euro will be

Is the Grant Given Enough?

My monthly rent was eighty euros I am lucky in this regard, because even the residents paid a hundred ten euros. The rent I would normally pay was one hundred and twenty euros, but I decided to stay in the same room with my friend, and the landlord increased the rent of the room to one hundred and sixty euros, and eighty euros per person, and the rent of my other friends ranged from one hundred and twenty euros to one hundred and forty. These prices are of course valid for Covilha. Covilha was cheap and we were lucky in this respect. My friends who made erasmus in Lisbon were staying in the hostel and they were giving three hundred euros per month. In France, the grant is sufficient only for accommodation, because my friend who made erasmus in France paid five hundred euros to the country monthly and had a lot of difficulties. My friend who went to Poland was staying in the dormitory and he was paying a hundred ten euros. If we come to monthly bills, we had expenses like internet electric kitchen tube. Since there was no heating system in our house, we were warming with an electric heater, we were also using an electric blanket, but we could not heat it, but the electricity bill was still too much. We paid sixty euro bills while renting eighty euros. In the meantime, there is another thing I want to say. The landlord brought the bill of another house to our friend and tried to make it look like it was their bill and asked for money. Since you do not speak the language, you may also encounter such safe hosts. If you need to make sure that the bill you pay is your bill, get help from your Portuguese friends, but I don't believe that you can solve this problem by translating from google translate so I do not give any money directly to the invoice, I recommend you to be careful in this regard. Of course, there is no billing problem for those who stay in the dormitory. Likewise, my friends who stayed in the hostel in Lisbon did not have any heating problems and did not pay the bills. If we come to kitchen expenses, we were doing weekly, since the two people stayed in our kitchen shopping, the total amount was divided into two, which cost about twenty euros per person. Of course, sometimes we were ordering from the outside, sometimes we were going out and eating. I do not even take into account that we will return home by taxi at a time. Let's come and visit; How convenient I mentioned somehow on your Erasmus Student Network trips can be clicked from my experiences. Here I will talk about the expenditures I have made on individual trips. I first preferred to visit Lisbon and spent about four hundred euros. I traveled around Porto and spent almost the same amount of money. But I spent the real money on a European tour during the Christmas holiday. I do not know exactly how much money I spent on the European tour, but I estimate that it has exceeded approximately two thousand euros. I heard that those who went to Poland returned to their countries with money, I do not know whether this is an exaggeration or not. I had read that a student who was doing Erasmus in Poland bought a car.

If we wrap it up; Is their grant sufficient? is not it enough? You decide what you read. If you are going to countries like France, Germany, it is never enough. Even though it varies according to the city you stay in Portugal, you can afford it if you are frugal and do not spend a lot of money on sightseeing. What I want to tell you from not spending a lot of money on sightseeing is that if you buy the ticket for your destination early, you can buy tickets for very reasonable prices. The list of those who want to welcome you voluntarily comes out. If you are sending a message, if you want to welcome you or if it is available on the dates you are going to accept you to host you, so that you are bringing the accommodation for free. I have never done this, but I had friends who did it, and they all said that they were satisfied, some even said that they even traveled by hitchhiking. Finally, when it comes to Poland, many of those who have already mentioned enough say that the grant is enough. Even though we have made such a generalization, you know your own expenses, I will decide accordingly. In the meantime, let me say this in terms of shaping your mind. Apart from the grant, I spent a total of approximately fifteen thousand Turkish liras in six months and I traveled a lot and I made shopping, and it was enough for me. That's all I had to say, I hope I helped you, goodbyee..

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