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Finding work placement for Erasmus programs

You can apply directly to companies in your area of expertise or find a management company that will help you to find a company, reasonably priced accommodation close to where you will do your Work experience. They help with airport transfers, letters of Intent for your College/University or organisation. They supervise your placement, are available for help and advise during your stay and ensure you receive certification for your time spent in the Internship.

There are agencies based in Dublin, Cork and Mayo who will find you placements in one of these cities or counties if you Google search.



Others provide Internships/work placements all over Ireland such as "Your International based in North Cork.

Advise will also be given on cheap travel and overnight hostel accommodation among others.

Some Agencies offer English language classes and English Language support and advice for those wishing to learn English through an Au Pair program.

The internet is full of agencies and companies who take the headache out of finding work placements, accommodation and the documentation that are necessary to complete the Erasmus work placement program.

Before accepting always check their fees as some are reasonable and others a little high.

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  • Markella Geronti 4 years ago

    I had to do much research in order to find internships! One of the most difficult parts is to find where to search. There are many websites and agencies that might help you to find a position that interests you, but it is very time-consuming. One of the websites I prefer more is It's for free to use and also you have the chance to search for many student opportunities, not only internships. I have already apply to many, try it :)

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