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This is a blog I will dedicate to cooking. I hope you will like the my recipes and that you will try some of them. Bon apetit!

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  • Vegetarian Orzo

    Ingredients: two hundred seventy five grams of pasta orzo one soup spoon of olive oil one (about hundred and fifty grams) eggplant one red pepper grated peel of lemon the juice of one lemon one hundred and eighty-five black olives three soup spoons of well cut...

    0 by Bo, in Erasmus recipes 7 years ago
  • Salmon Tostadas

    This is a fancy, healthy, and very good for small parties and gatherings. You need to start by curing the salmon in tequila one full day in advance. Sounds complicated, but this is one appetizer easy to prepare, once it has been marinated. Source So, here is what you...

    0 by Bo, in Erasmus recipes 7 years ago
  • Atanas' Salad

    In Bulgaria we have holidays dedicated to people with sertain names. Atanasov den (Atanas' day) is on the 18th of January. It is the day you should greed people named Atanas and Atanaska. Ingredients: Five hundred grams of potatoes One (equals six hundred grams) jar...

    0 by Bo, in Erasmus recipes 7 years ago

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