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This blog is a place where one can learn and be motivated in a way that we may all grow as professional figures and most importantly as human beings.

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  • Mensa in Perugia

    We are back with another insightful article this time talking about food, glorious food. And you know what, we all need to eat some food: weather you are enjoiyng a vacation in the Bahamas or persuing your dreams for a better tomorrow or just like many (including me)...

    0 by nahom, in Erasmus blog Perugia 8 months ago
  • how to get a scholarship

    It’s been a long time since I have published a blog post but a day wouldn’t go by without me thinking about it. Writing down things is a very powerful way to see ones flow of  thoughts: to see them clearly lying in front of the eyes. If specially you are writing...

    0 by nahom, in Erasmus blog Perugia 8 months ago
  • Cure for the cold

    Nowadays here in Gdansk is getting colder and colder with snow covering almost every angle of the streets. So when your bodies’ temperature drops and you are shivering with every muscle you have on your body, you need to give a try to this wholesome and warming noodle...

    0 by nahom, in Erasmus recipes one year ago
  • rolled oats

    Often times we hear that it is essential in life to have a morning routine, something that you do every morning that gives you a head start on the given day. For some people I know it consists of stretching your body's muscles, breathing and meditation to increase...

    0 by nahom, in Erasmus recipes one year ago
  • Dorm is where your heart is

    As the sound of Edith Piaf's music was running down my ears I can not help but see my fingers type frenetically on the keyboard of my intel pentium portable computer. I must say it is more like a desktop computer... if only I had a 'desk' instead of a melodically creaky...

    0 by nahom, in Erasmus blog Gdansk one year ago
  • Out in the market

    Whenever I need fresh fruits and vegetables in Gdansk I know where I can find it. For someone like me who was raised in the beatiful Ethiopia, fresh veggies and fruits are a daily food staple and easy to find almost anywhere from the densely populated cities to the...

    0 by nahom, in Erasmus recipes one year ago
  • Food habits

    Hello foodies, today is the day I share some of my experiences as the head chef of the kitchen located on the ground floor of my dormitory (by head chef I mean that I prepare my own food :). Our kitchen is a functional place for the guys on my floor whom relentlessly...

    2 by nahom, in Erasmus recipes one year ago
  • Seaside in Gdansk

    Hello readers, such an honor to be given the chance to spend time in this city which for many reasons will remain in my memories for a long time. I can start by telling you that it is here in Gdansk that I had my first experience of going to the seaside and see for...

    0 by nahom, in Erasmus blog Gdansk one year ago
  • look back in time..

    My dearly beloved companions today I will take you with me and give you a glimpse of an insightful museum in the city of Gdansk: museum of the Second World War. There might be a million ways to spend an afternoon in such a beautiful city and I chose to stay in my room...

    0 by nahom, in General one year ago

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