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Between homes

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This is a blog that contains parts of my life, rather than travels I've done.

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  • An Exchange Student for the Wrong Reasons

    It is actually hard to believe that I was an exchange student. Why? Because the reasons why I decided to be one are quite weird and maybe irrelevant. But let's be honest, I was fifteen and I was not mature yet. All I wanted to do was walking the halls of American...

    0 by Cristian, in General 3 years ago
  • Rotary Youth Exchange Program

    Are you finding yourself in the position of applying for an exchange but having a hard time deciding which program to go for? I have the solution to your problems. To start off, I do not want to compare my program with any other, because I did not try all of them to...

    0 by Cristian, in General 3 years ago
  • Hacks For Poor Students Living On Their Own.

    Living on our own can be tough from time to time, especially if it is the first time. Also having to manage your own money is hard, so I am here today to give you tips on how to save money but still make the most out of your experience abroad. 1. Save stuff even when it...

    0 by Cristian, in General 3 years ago
  • Hacks On How To Decorate Your Dorm Room

    Let’s say that your walls are white, or that you will be living for a few years in your dorm room and you desperately want it to feel like home. Or maybe you are an exchange student like me, staying only a few months, but still want to decorate your crib and feel like...

    0 by Cristian, in General 3 years ago
  • Life in halls

    I think that living in halls is much more fun than living off campus. It might have been cheaper to just find a private room in the city, but living on campus gives me lots of opportunities and I am just one door away from my friends. First of all, the University of...

    0 by Cristian, in Erasmus blog UW 3 years ago

    Prior to departure, every exchange student goes through a time of uncertainty. Questions and doubts pop up in their minds. Is it going to be the best year of their lives? Will they have a good relationship with their host families? Will their host siblings even like...

    0 by Cristian, in General 3 years ago
  • That one time they killed me on exchange

    Okay, my intent was not freaking you out, I promise. But I did, kind of, die on exchange. It was for a class and it was actually fun, but it did happen, so I did not lie. Casablanca was the film class, the one for which we had to create stories, bring clips together and...

    0 by Cristian, in General 3 years ago

    Everyone tells you to go on exchange and be yourself, but they also tell you to get out of your comfort zone and say yes to (almost) everything people offer you. Right? Well, I think this is a good point. People need to experience new things in order to talk to others...

    0 by Cristian, in General 3 years ago
  • Christmas in Colorado

    Me being in the USA was a 360° experience, but one segment of it that I particularly enjoyed was Christmas, not just Christmas Day but both the months of November and December and why not, even January. I started seeing my host town in a different way. It was magical....

    0 by Cristian, in General 3 years ago
  • Great memories of mine

    We know that most of the students go on exchange because they want to party, they want to get wasted or whatever, but sometimes I feel like I need to remind these people that there are more important things in life. During my exchange I learned to appreciate simple...

    0 by Cristian, in General 3 years ago
  • A weekend in Casper WY

    When I was abroad I made a lot of friends, most of those were Rotary exchange students just like me. I previously talked about the one time we met at orientation camp, this weekend I am ready to talk about happened five months after that first meeting. Lunch at Five...

    0 by Cristian, in General 3 years ago
  • Finding myself on exchange

    As everyone says, traveling makes you richer, in many ways. It can change the way you see things, people, and countries. It can teach you things and it can help you find yourself. While I was studying in America, I realized that all these things were true. It is cliché...

    0 by Cristian, in General 3 years ago
  • My American family's 25th anniversary

    I am pretty sure that all of this will sound like a movie to you, but here it comes. On Sunday my American parents celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and they hosted a party at the house, so they had to get everything ready in advance. "Cake" over On the...

    0 by Cristian, in General 3 years ago
  • My birthday in the USA

    As going to the United States of America has always been a dream of mine, I could not be happier to even have the chance to celebrate my birthday over there. I turned seventeen and my American family suggested to go to the mountains for the weekend. Of course I told...

    0 by Cristian, in General 3 years ago
  • A bit of home abroad

    Even though I was excited to be in America and to do things Americans do, while I was abroad I met up with some Italians. It is kind of like feeling at home to be able to speak your native language after weeks of constant English. So one Saturday of September, after I...

    0 by Cristian, in General 3 years ago
  • My first Quinceanera

    Believe it or not, I did not have to go to Mexico to attend my first Quinceanera. In fact, I went to one when I was in the United States of America. One of my really good friends is Mexican and she turned fifteen while I was on exchange so she invited me to her birthday...

    0 by Cristian, in General 3 years ago
  • Blue Man Group

    I have been to many shows and concerts during my exchange year, some of them are the following: Mannheim Steamroller (Christmas concert); A Christmas Carol (Play in Denver); Grinch (Play in Denver); Wicked (Play in Denver); Garth Brooks concert at the Pepsi...

    0 by Cristian, in General 3 years ago
  • Homecoming dances

    I should briefly say that in Italy my high school did not have any kind of balls or dances that students could attend, the only thing we did was studying: no pep rallies, no assemblies, no advising, no Friday night lights. Luckily for me, I was an exchange student in...

    0 by Cristian, in General 3 years ago
  • Exchange Students change Host Families' lives, and vice versa.

    It is well known that an exchange year changes students' lives, but what sometimes we fail to acknowledge is that the host families' lives also change. Hosting a Stranger. Every time I see that the students complain about their host families I get annoyed because most...

    0 by Cristian, in General 3 years ago
  • Where do I see myself in a year?

    I have had many persons asking me : "Where do you see yourself in five years? ", and the answer was: "I have no idea, none". I am not twenty yet, I am still studying, I am always moving (I am soon starting my Erasmus), and in four months, I have to start an internship...

    0 by Cristian, in General 3 years ago

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