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Erasmus experience in Aveiro, Portugal

Erasmus experience in Aveiro, Portugal


What made you choose Aveiro, Portugal?

I had always been intrigued by Portugal and had been strongly advised to come here by friends who had done their Erasmus here before me.

How is student life in Aveiro?

Fantastic, very organized and active! You will discover a lot of student traditions and wish you'd chosen to study your whole degree here!

Would you recommend the city and the University of Aveiro to other students?

Absolutely. The city may seem small on first impressions, but I think this is one of its greatest merits because it allows you to get know more people and do many things together. The student organization that deals with Erasmus (ESN Averio) is very active and organizes constant cultural and party events, the university campus is wonderful and offers many opportunities for exchange by welcoming students from around the world. I would definitely recommend it!

What is the food like?

Excellent and really cheap! The average cost for dinner in a restaurant is 8 euros! Excellent dishes and good portion sizes.

How did you find accommodation?

Through friends, but the Erasmus group will help you to find somewhere as soon you arrive! It's all very easy!

How much does rent cost on average? How are the prices in general?

I pay 110 euros per month for a single room. In general, the most you'll pay is 200 euros for a room in a brand new, well furnished house. It's great.

What about the language? Have you attended any university courses?

The university offers free Portuguese courses for all Erasmus students, which is very useful!

Where in Aveiro would you suggest going in the evening?

The town is small but there's a lot to do at night. Praça do Peixe is the best place for nightlife. It's where all the students gather and where all the best bars are, playing international music until late. All of the clubs are near enough to get to by foot or with free shuttles. Everything is so close and organized!

And where should I eat in Aveiro? What are your favourite places?

My favourite restaurants are Evaristo, O Adriano, Barril, but you'll generally eat well wherever you go!

And where would you recommend to visit?

Portugal has so much to offer. One hour by train from Aveiro is Porto or Coimbra and in two and a half hours you can be in Lisbon. Renting a car is cheap with an Erasmus card and it's useful to be able to see places that are difficult to reach by train. Having said this, the Erasmus group organizes occasional trips that are really cheap and interesting. This year we have been to the Algarve for three days (which was wonderful) and to Porto. Who knows where we'll go next! But the best thing about Aveiro is that we are so close to the sea and it takes just 20 minutes by bus to reach Barra or Costa Nova where you can sunbathe or surf.

Erasmus experience in Aveiro, Portugal


Do you have any advice for future Erasmus students in Aveiro?

Don't miss this opportunity... you'll fall in love with Portugal and you'll want to go back!

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