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Playa de Poniente de Benidorm

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What a city!

Alicante City is considered well designed. In the Summer months it is a city that is very hot, like the rest of the region and one ought to wear comfortable clothes at such a time. It is a popular tourist spot for those from nearby areas as well as cities such as Murcia. The plants do not wither thanks to the good irrigation system, meaning that the greenery remains green and overall makes them more visible in the city in comparison to others. It almost borders with the country of Morocco and many Moroccans work in the area in the countryside the picking grapes and even I bought some things from the people from Africa that live off tourism, selling artisan, handmade items which were incredibly beautiful. I had the chance to see the beach and how families relaxed, going for a dip and playing volleyball in the water. We had to walk a lot because we wanted to get to know the city and see all its charm and all it had to offer. Like other Spanish cities, in Winter the climate becomes colder, for which you should dress appropriately if you cannot suffer from hypothermia. Similar to Murcia, the locals are very friendly and polite. It is a colorful and vibrant city with a huge population. With easy access, well policed, all well set up and a very clean city, with no litter in the streets and no real untidiness. Its inhabitants seemed really lovely and friendly. They always assisted with directions and explained a lot to us about the city and the recommended places to visit.

Along with my friends we experienced how food was served in the kiosks and we could enjoy our typical tourist food of a burger, which was the easiest option for us to sit down and have a chat with my friends about our countries and how we would be able to make improvements to them. We arrived at the conclusion that travelling allowed us to open our minds and see how we can find effective solutions when the time comes for us to return to our native countries.

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