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Cala de Finestrat

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A lovely bay next to Benidorm

Translated by Lauren Valentine — one year ago

Original text by Maika Cano Martínez

The Cala de Finestrat is located in Finestrat (Alicante), and is the only beach in the municipality. It’s the bay that’s just before the Poniente beach in Benidorm, and next to Vila Joiosa so it’s not unreachable, although it’s difficult to find the path.

A lovely bay next to Benidorm

I discovered this bay thanks to a friend. I’ve spend many summer months in Benidorm, at the start of Poniente beach, so it’s really close, but I didn’t go often because there’s a big hill that’s easy to descend but not to climb, especially in 40 degree heat. Nevertheless, I didn’t really feel like going until I showed it to my friends, and today it’s time to show it to my Taiwanese friend, and she loved it!

A lovely bay next to Benidorm

It’s not small for a bay, but it’s the perfect size for the beach to be charming but to have space for everyone, because there are lots of residents and tourists in Benidorm, and compared to the Poniente and Levante beaches, it’s really small. With today being the 11th of January, there weren’t as many people as in summer, and the weather was perfect and you could stroll easily. Even though it was the beginning of the year, there were quite a lot of people sunbathing and wearing bikinis; and my friend and I were in coats and hats, although after climbing and descending hills and steps we were able to remove our coats.

Also, for strolling, I recommend going to the hill that’s at the end, because there’s a really nice walkway, right next to the sea. There are benches to sit on and admire the views, people fishing, etc.

A lovely bay next to Benidorm

This area, as well as a lovely beach, has several bars, restaurants, ice-cream parlours, crepe and waffle shops, newsagents and sweet shops, etc, right on the avenue that leads to the beach, so it’s really comfortable to be there, having something to drink or simply fishing. What’s more, there’s a seating area that’s white and decorated with marine blue tiles, which I love because it’s very Mediterranean.

A lovely bay next to Benidorm

A lovely bay next to Benidorm

In summer there are lots of people, but you can find a good spot to spend the afternoon, and sometimes, as the beaches in Benidorm are so big, you fancy a slightly more normal sized, welcoming little beach.

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