Erasmus Experience in Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Why did you choose to go to Aberdeen, United Kingdom?

To improve my level of English and because I like the atmosphere in the city.

How long does your grant last for? How much money do you receive as financial support?

My grant lasts for 5 months, and the amount of money really depends, but I receive some 2600€.

Erasmus Experience in Aberdeen, United Kingdom


What is student life like in Aberdeen?

It's very good; in fact, it's great. It's a university city and you will find students there from all over the world.

Would you recommend the city and the University of Aberdeen to other students?

Yes, without a doubt.

Erasmus Experience in Aberdeen, United Kingdom


What is the food like in Scotland?

It's quite bad and relatively unhealthy, but if you are wary, you can find both good meat and milk, for example. Like the majority of people here, you can eat well without having to spend too much money.

How did you find accommodation?

Through the university website, in the student residence. Aberdeen is quite a difficult place for finding accommodation, and it's also very expensive, so even after searching for a while, you may not find anything.

What are accommodation prices like? And the prices in general?

Very expensive. Scotland is an expensive country in general, so you have to go with this idea fixed in your mind. Even still, you do find, from time to time, a very good price-quality balance.

Erasmus Experience in Aberdeen, United Kingdom


What is the language like? Did you go to any language classes at the university?

No, with what you have learned at school and from general experiences, you will be okay. The good thing that Aberdeen has is that, with it being full of students that aren't from the area, they understand you and make you understand better, but, even so, the native Scottish are impossible to understand. They joke saying that they speak Aberdonian instead of English.

What is the cheapest way of getting to Aberdeen from your city?

By plane from Alicante to Edinburgh, and, from there, by bus from Edinburgh to Aberdeen.

Erasmus Experience in Aberdeen, United Kingdom


And eating out in Aberdeen? Can you name your favourite places?

My favourite place, without a doubt, is Wetherspoons (Archibald Simons, although any of them are good). It's a really cheap place with good quality food of a wide variety. Tropeiro is also good if you want to spend some more money on your meal, but this is a buffet comprised of the best meat in the world. During the week, you pay £13 and they serve you many different kinds of meat - you can have as much Brazilian food as you want until you explode.

There is a little fish and chip shop on King Street (with a hummingbird on its sign) which, although it's very tacky, the fish is very good. Books and Beans on St. Belmont Street is one of the best places to go for a coffee, cake, sandwiches, and buy second-hand books. Close to there, Oneil's has great burgers, and Wild Boar is also a great place in terms of the price-quality ratio.

And cultural hotspots?

It's ok, but generally, people have an idyllic vision of the Scots and they end up being disappointed because, although they have a very strong culture that very much forms part of their daily life, it's not something that the foreigners can adopt very easily, and, to us, it seems a little bit fake... I don't know if I have explained that very well though.

Anyway, Edinburgh, for example, has an immense amount of culture within the boundaries of its town walls, and each corner of Scotland has some history and anecdotes to tire yourself with.

Erasmus Experience in Aberdeen, United Kingdom


Is there any advice that you want to give to future students in Aberdeen?

Work out the amount of money that you are going to spend. Then, think about all the things you have missed and add their cost on. Work it all again. All ok? Well, now add on around another 125€, and then you will more or less have your realistic expenses in Aberdeen.

Don't forget to travel around all of Scotland, and, if you have the opportunity, rent a car with friends so that you can travel around the whole country. It's the only way of truly seeing the country.

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