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Perfect for traveling to Center and Eastern Europe

Published by Kiwi HeffeQue — 6 years ago

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The city in itself is relatively small and there are not many places to party, but with good company and good intentions that small problem was solved pretty quickly: we made our own parties =D
As for traveling... it was awesome: you had everything very very near and you can reach almost all Europe in several hours. Traveling through Slovenia you can see extremely nice nature landscapes, but you can also go to out by car or train to Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Graz, Munich, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Mostar, Dubrovnic, Split, Innsbruck, Trieste, Venecia, Belgrad, Trento... so many places to go to!
I totally recommend it to people who love to travel.

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  • Javier López López 6 years ago

    Thank you very much for the experience! If you have some time... can you edit it and add some information about places you know for eating, going to party, etc? And can you upload some photos to the gallery? Thank you!

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