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  • Blog

    Oh my Prague

    Prague, I think I can write books about this jewel of Europe, it has my heart. I spent five best months of my life in this city and definitely, they were not enough. I am anxiously waiting to go there again although I am sure it won’t be the same without my Erasmus...

    0 por Shahzad en Blogs Erasmus Praga, hace 2 años
  • Blog

    Magical Salzburg

    Salzburg, third city that I visited during my Erasmus and I have to thank my friend Rita who decided to take a trip to this delightful city and I immediately agreed to join her and till this very day Salzburg remains my most favourite city in the entire wide world or at...

    0 por Shahzad en Blogs Erasmus Austria, hace 2 años
  • Blog

    Dog's Bar

    So this amazingly crazy place called “Vzorkovna” but most of the people remember it as dogs bar. It is an underground cozy bar with few dogs walking around as you may guessed by it’s famous name. The place has a lot of space to sit and enjoy your drinks or just to...

    0 por Shahzad en Blogs Erasmus Praga, hace 2 años
  • Experiencia

    Experience in Istanbul, Turkey by Shahzad

    What is it like to live in Estambul? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? Istanbul is the largest city of Turkey.It's a city with a rich historical background. Landscape is also quite interesting, it's a bit expensive and sometimes very crowded with tourists...

    0 por Shahzad en Experiencias Erasmus Estambul, hace 3 años

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