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  • Blog

    How much I love Berlin

    I'm pleased to introduce you all in the most beautiful, amazing, breathtaking place all over the world: Berlin, the capital of Germany! I think lots of tourists come to visit this city and take so many pictures, but nobody, in my opinion of course, has experienced it...

    0 por Isabella en Blogs Erasmus Berlin, hace 9 años
  • Experiencia

    Nürnberg Volksfest

    First of all I have to say that this popular event takes place each year between the end of August and the beginning of September (this year it was from 24. 08. 2012 to 09. 09. 2012) so maybe if you arrive in different periods, you can't participate in it. Volk in...

    0 por Isabella en Experiencias Erasmus Núremberg, hace 9 años
  • Lugar


    Here I am to describe another beautiful place in Nürnberg, especially if you come here where the sun is shining : Dutzendteich is one of the nicest park I've ever seen, because it's really big and it offers incredible views, for example a bright lake, a massive...

    por Isabella en Qué ver Núremberg, hace 9 años
  • Experiencia

    Follow an evangelistic Mass

    Last Sunday I was in the city center and everything is closed there (all the shops and quite all cafes or bars). So I decided to go in the church and follow the religious event. I'm catholic, and I was wondering how a German Mass could be. There were lots of people...

    0 por Isabella en Experiencias Erasmus Núremberg, hace 9 años
  • Lugar


    This place is called königstor because it's near one of the old tower of the city. It's really nice for having a typical dinner with some friends or also relatives. In fact, it shows Nürnberg's life exactly as it was lots of years ago and it seems like you are there...

    por Isabella en Dónde comer Núremberg, hace 9 años
  • Nuevas fotos en Núremberg

    galería actualizada, hace 9 años
  • Blog

    Amazing is the only word that fits!

    Hello!! I've attached some pictures of me in my new city, so WELCOME IN NÜRNBERG! You can see how I'm smiling, that means how happy and bright actually I am :) ...everything here is shining, luminous and fantastic! I come from a small town in Italy, Mantova, where I...

    0 por Isabella en General, hace 9 años
  • Foro

    Erasmus Nürnberg 2010 / 2011 (English)

    Hi Michael! Here is Isabella, an italian girl from the University of Trento. I will be at the Georg Simon Ohm University in Winter Semester 2012. Can you help me talking about accomodations and courses, please? I'm a little worry about it!   Thanks, vielen Danke

    por Isabella en Foro Erasmus Núremberg, hace 10 años

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